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"After Iugoslavia has broken everything has changed" # of the interview

Zdravko Colic

Photograph: Ana Kovač

67 years old Zdravko Colic have been successful by addressing & # 39; music for fifty years. We may not be reluctant if we are told that he is a singer with a kilometer that is not a member of the old Yugoslavia border.

The Balkan broadcasting of broadspeakers and singer with over 50 years of music event on Valentine's Day, on 14 February, as part of the visit, Ono was fortunate after eight years to return to Stožice's hall, yes, how is it, a & # 39; Looking for ticket sales, which is used corner.

If you are among visitors, read yourself every evening. His events are known to be shorter than three hours, but is closer to four. As he said at the last news conference in Ljubljana, "people with disabilities, we need more time to heat," so their performances are better at night.

Zdravko Colic

Photograph: Dunops Dops

I think the best shows are the best; in your business. What, on the other hand, what do you want about your work?

True, live shows are the most beautiful about communicating with the audience, which may happen to the musician. On the other side? I maximize the weight of the procedure as a result of living performance. Sometimes administration or product edits a non-performance approach. This often happens to me during the diaspora, and this is a mean that I'm sick.

What about the media? Before the shows you have a lot of interviews, questions that are likely to be repeated.

No, I do not worry, I do not. I respect people and I respect journalists, it's not hard for me. You will do your work, and I will do it. I respect you and your work, and again, this is consistent, and here I do not; see any problem. I usually used to know it at the beginning of my position.

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Ron a concert in Ljubljana, the spectacular singer of his ritual #video




What gives you the most energy? It is clear that the listeners are coming back to you as soon as possible.

People who, "as we say to Bosnians, have the negative power of" support. "They are harassed by unnecessary discussions, style questions, where we know as- However, how long have we not seen, and the only thing. It is harder to suffer older people, indeed, I always have time for friends, and will I can do a lot.

Zdravko Colic

Picture: Mediaspeed

Which country of old Yugoslavia do you hardly drink without anyone who wants autograph or selfi to you?

Surely in Macedonia! There is a different chaos there.

Are Slotians kept in this regard?

I would not say, you have a different approach. I would not say that this is a fair issue. For example, concerts across different countries are completely identical. I would not say that my concerts in Nis, Skopje or Podgorica are more interesting than in Ljubljana, the difference is only on the street, and its fighting around it. ; South Westerly

He is, indeed, very familiar with the youngest generations too.

One of your hidden applications is to make an acoustic concert. How close are you to & # 39; this idea?

Yes, an acoustic part should be an integral part of each concert. We needed to make a good visit, but for many exhibitions, this is not successful in time. For smaller halls, such a concept would be a good thing. I think the "unclassified" versions are the genuine type of communication with the audience. However, as everything is really expensive, sponsorship support would need to do something like this.

You are 67 years old. Is there a plan for how long you are going to & # 39; Achieve, or do you record a transit timetable based on the response from the listeners? As long as you can fill in the larger halls, you may not think about pulling it out.

I do not know until he goes. As long as I am in health and as long as the listeners want, I'm sure sure.

Zdravko Colic

Photograph: Vedran Metelko

You have completed your learning at the Faculty of Economics. Did you play a lot with his or her opinion on work in this field, or just the form of his / her; to tick a specific level of education and to allocate your parents' wishes?

You know how students can well behave between law, medicine, philosophy and economics in those times.

If I'm not successful as a singer, I would probably have put the economy forward. Well, I also worked in this area. Even in Domzale, where I was there; I lived for two years, I had a business that was dealing with a small business. It was a short trip; for those waters, which came to an end after four, five years.

Just before the disappointment in Yugoslavia, we went back to Sarajevo with Goran Bregović and recorded a record named after the Dina Merlin poem Let me tell you what's wrong with me. There is also a song (singing, op. P.) Who is this star? The Yugoslavia collapse and its subsequent war. Changing everything, there were no concerts, there were no big walks … Seven, eight years I had gone. At that time, I played a great deal for our community in the diaspora.

In the late 1990s, we recorded a new record by Bregovic, we created a group and started playing in big sports halls. 20 years ago, for example, for the first time I also did in Križanke Ljubljana.

In Ljubljana you will play on Valentine's Day and Valentines Day. Does this mean that the resource is on the # 39; most awards?

Not even, we do everything we can do.

Do you change the resource based on the audience's response?

No, you can not give it too much to the audience, our own program. Because we play in the sports hall, we can not play it; Most of the concert will be presented for awards. It will be a mixture of old and modern.

How many concerts should be made each year to stay comfortably, but at the same time you are not too enjoyable?

It would be difficult to say, it depends on promotion. No rules. We will continue to be able make a regional trip every three or four years, just like we are now traveling. It is not so lucky. Last year, in Ljubljana, we played for a great eight-year show, but I do not. See why we would not do this again in three years. We may have prepared a "movable" version with Cankarjev's symphony orchestra.

When did you last be part of a concert at a concert?

I usually go to rock & rock concerts. I think the last concert I visited the S2 band concert in Munich, and I also try to visit a Rolling Stones group concert.

What about Slovenia?

I think this was a concert with my friend Helena Blagna in Stožice.

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