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Andrej Šifrer with rockers and a symphony orchestra in Cankarjev for me: "It's a cup!"

The well-known singer Andrew Andrej Šifrer, at the twentieth anniversary of the first album, My Confusion of Music, has set out to him by co-workers of a younger rock, who had been carrying them in their own way. Picture: Tone Sto

Андрей Шифррр. Picture: Tone Sto

On March 19 at 8pm, Šifrer's March Miniature is the most important thing of the event, as it will be a great deal. Sing a special concert in the Slovenian temple temple: "Tell us that Cankarjev is incredible for me, at 8 pm he will start hitting," At a meeting with the media and composers when the first album is published My shoes, who is over the age of 40, announces a full night of musical tours. It is a special feature of this to be involved in the Symphony Orchestra of Slovenia under the leadership Peter GraySouth Westerly

At a concert, visitors will be able to hear songs from their records My shoes there 40 years of madness, which will be delivered by an 66-year-old singer with famous Slovene and foreign musicians. They will be with him on the Cankarjev platform for me Dave Cooke (RA), Bill Thorp (RA), Dennis Seaton (Musical Youth – UK), Siddharta, The Manouche, The Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, a member of the Voala Koala Domen Don Holc there Tina MarinsekSouth Westerly

Prize match
We give one of My Zulj's 40th birthday albums. Please enter Andre Šifrer at and delete your record. We expect the answers by Tuesday, March 5, by 3pm. Do not forget to specify the name, surname and your address.
You can read the rules about participating in the # 39; prize match here.
In the future, you can see a recording of a concert from Cankarjev dom at Slovenia Television.

Gràdh Hamo & Tribute 2 – Stoj Marija / Andrej Šifrer

Asking about the feelings when listening to the songs in the process, Schifrer gave a fun response: "It's like he would send his children to holiday for some of his father's brother. You do not know how they will come back!" They are dirty, the other high, the third unexpected … I need to thank all for this salary, Siddharta, Peter Lovshin, Dan D, Comann nam Bàrd Marbh, Manouche, Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, Tina Marinsek, Domen Don Holz … they have all made a wonderful revival. The results are very spectacular! " Especially close to it Yesterday's newspaper life, made by Siddharta, immediately after that Odor on railway stations, played by Dan D, and here is also the order in the Moj žulj – 40 year album: "Hamo is on his draft of Mary, after leaving Peter Lovsin's call to a beautiful man with a song" Beautiful People "," Andrej was still shouting.

His trip began with Zoboblues, his first mini record from 1977. The success made his & her; Recording his / her first album in London. In 1978 my classical classical band was Sto Marija or Moje Mice, as well as many other songs. Four years later, Andrej decided to try to ensure that his & her; First generation in time and inviting some of the famous names of the Slovenia rock scene. As well as the first one, there are ten interesting, new, even unusual images. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO

Šifrer told Cankarjev's concert for me as a concert that was not yet – it's a playing with Thorp and Cook, who gave the studio "innocent", then singing it with the rocks, who have worked songs from the album My shoes, and at the end of the "deck" something most interesting will continue and at the same time worry: "An exhibition with the orchestra (RTV Slovenija, op. A.), from which I'm not familiar, I have only one song for the orchestra and they always invite me to # 39 ; sing these poems – Your friends. "

When he commented on this poem, he also drew attention to the two things that had been so sad in his long position: "The first is when I come into the room, they tell me if we will give one … no, we do not (smile)." The other thing is that they say they are one of his songs, among friends: "It's been 20 years old, but you still do not know it's time to give friends.

Even at the concert show, many friends took the time to join Andrej Šifrer with her wishes to a trip. March: philosophy Peter Mlakar, Solo journalism age Tone Fornezzi – Tof, writer, journalist and one of the largest Slovene textbooks Elza Budau

Youth music – Father / Andrej Šifrer – My father

His career was also marked by a musician and writer Jure Robežnik, who first heard Chifler in a song that, recorded that he sang a boy dropped in love with a dentist. So, he was convinced that the humor was again coming to the sporting music of Funeral, and Šifrer's record; first album.

As the event was announced and some of the campaigns in the meantime, everyone could be able to listen to two songs – Stations Marija in the performance of the Hamo & Tribute 2 Love group, and then a video of the English Musical group, who recorded her & # 39; Shifrer & scheduling Father, which will be translated into English translation FatherSouth Westerly

Tomi Meglič and Primož Benko (Siddharta), Nikola Sekulović (Dan D) and Matevž Šalehar – Hamo noted that the new record was published by Šifrer. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO

Šifrer also hosts Maribor in Ljubljana in front of her; Ljubljana concert. For the forthcoming concert he said: "After almost four years I have returned to Maribor, where they took me 40 years ago. As I believe this is true, Get to the National House on Thursday, March 14, with our English Band, Lions, Domino Dole Holcim and my Tina Marinsek. It will win! " He stops with his guests at the Culture House on Starem Square at Slovenj Gradec on the day after Maribor's concert on 15 March, the day after that, on March 16, 39; play and sing in the Culture House Šmartno ob Paki with the guest of Dennis Seaton.

Along with the songs from the final 40 year record, Andrej gave up the new version of Žulja that was published in Izštekani. Listen to them below.

Drawned by guests by Andrej Šifrer

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