Antimicrobials: The black specs of experts are already being implemented

As a result, there are a total of 33,000 deaths per annum.

As a result of the increase in the number of complex insects, coupled with the lack of new antibiotics, cure is faced with major problems in disease treatment. Surveys show that at least 33,000 deaths are a yearly purpose; in the face of microbes and over 1.5 billion euro in medical costs.

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To the hospital due to chromatic work, and from there the disease

The European Center for Bad Disease and Control (ECDC) announced Thursday that around 8.9 million diseases are reported annually in hospitals and centers for long-term care in Europe. This means that complications that are difficult to handle are still a problematic problem in the hospital and in the future they may be in a position; including more of microbes indirectly.

So, such diseases are the main public health problem. According to the ECDC estimates, every day in European hospitals, every 15 people are one of the hospital's diseases, and that applies to every 26th person in the center for long-term care, time. Many of these diseases have been blamed on a number of antibiotic antibiotic bacteria.

"If we can not work on time, anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-terrorism can be killed in the world by 2050"

His consultant was familiar with the regulation of a microscopic raid, which was held in Ljubljana some days ago, stressed the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health

Pia Vračko

Post-Inspections show that there is a direct purpose of at least 33,000 deaths per annum; in the face of microbes and over 1.5 billion euro in medical costs.


Visa for animals

Antimicrobials become more effective

The threat of global action needs to be done. For this reason WHO, Animal Health Organization and the EU have asked to cooperate on One Health's basis, which identifies the links between human health, animals and environment. Diseases are discharged from humans to animals and vice versa, so micro-corridors must be considered in humans and animals.

Slovenia is among the most successful

In international comparisons, Slovenia is ranked among the most successful countries after the use of antibiotics in medication and medicine. However, we still have the responsibility to do with; Antibiotics are too numerous and unsuitable. Particular attention is paid to the differences in the order and use of antibiotics between departments and hospitals.

At an expert consultation on the regulation of the microscopic paths, which took place on Thursday at the Medical Room, they included a proposal for a national strategy for a & # 39; direction of the microscopy, along with an action plan. Along with the professional, it was prepared by the Ministry of Health. Key strategic objectives are to reduce the use of antibiotics and their; achieving tighter use.

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