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At the Austrian full-day vacation vacancy

Nicole Schmidhofer, Austria, won the last women's skiing season in Andorra, which was won by colleague Mirjam Puchner, who won the chance over the fans and won a small crystalline score. Austria stood on the other two legs, and the Ilka Štuhec slipped into the fourth place without success.

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Switzerland is still the skiing king, who won for the fourth time Italy




The best Slovenian Alpine ski Ilka Stuhets she could not stop the overall impact of Austria from her original seat. After returning to the World Cup in a grand style, she identified two winners, four times in the stage for the winners and protected the World Championship title. She managed to get her knee in less than three weeks, so that she would not fight for the rest. Before the last game, she was still in third place in the semifinals, but was ahead of the eighth place. Stephanie Venier and push it to a fourth place. Thus the staircase was covered entirely in Austrian colors.

A crystal gift for your birthday

The small crystal globe has been in the air for the first time in a 29-year-old post t Nicole Schmidhofer and also a warm welcome for Friday's birthday. To become a winter, it unveiled at the very first station in Lake Louis. She recognized her win in ski tests and continued to swim twice a year in the second season, but above all, she continued to maintain a high level throughout the year. At the 11th place in Andorra, she only stepped down from him, surpassing a 96 year-old woman from Venier, Ramona Siebenhofer fell, leaving this void, never ending. points.

Ilka Štuhec left without a fight for a small universe after their wound, but today she has no bronze medal.

Ilka Štuhec left without a fight for a small universe after their wound, but today she has no bronze medal.
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Most recent order for total women's skiing:

  1. Nicole Schmidhofer (Avt) 468
  2. Stephanie Venier (Avt) 372
  3. Ramona Siebenhofer (Avt) 354
  4. Ilka Štuhec (Slo) 343
  5. Kira Weidle (Nem) 307

Austria's final impact in the final race

Interestingly, none of the three Austrians who completed the quarter with the three main skiers of the World Cup, were in the Finale's first act in Soldeu, drawing on the podiums. Despite that, after Austria, Austria was over. She showed him care Miriam Puchnerwhich celebrated its second impact in a real picture of hundreds. Both of them performed in the final slopes as it was already at that time in 2016 in St. Kilda. Moritz. This time, the 26-year-old was pioneered by the Johannine Johann in Pongau over the Germans for three hundred seconds. T Viktorio Rebensburg. Also Corinne Suter Thirdly, it was only behind eight hundred of a second.

Successful returns

"I am also shocked to be amazed," he admits Puchner, who returned in the winter after his injuries and performances were changing well. Training was also not predicting the successful situation. “I said I couldn't lose much, but it wasn't easy for me, especially because of the divide after a member of the team's team Cornelie Hütter took up his appointment. He worked very well, this is a reward for the whole season, which was difficult for me. There were fears, variables. Yes, of course the injury has named me, "he made the last winner of the season's ski season, which doesn't compete on Thursday when Soldeu joins them in high slap competitions."

At the last ski season, Austria, Germany and Switzerland climbed to the podium.

At the last ski season, Austria, Germany and Switzerland climbed to the podium.
Picture: Reuters

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