Bad news for Bavaria's brother and Sushinski's brother

LJUBLJANA – The High Court refused the applications for legal protection in the case of Istrabenz, where the previous President of the Board of Management of Istrabenz was sentenced to imprisonment. Igor Bavcar, former councilor of Istrabenz Kristjan Sušinski and Chief Executive of Maksima Holding Nastja Sušinski. By doing so, he stood up to the low courts' conclusions.

"The criminal convictions were guilty of the final decision that the sale of Istrabenz's shares at Pivovarna Laško by Pivovarna Laško instead of selling a total of EUR 25.21 million, was t The amount and money raised above was also raised, with further discussions being scattered and incorporated into commercial traffic, "they said again in the High Court." t

He was already convicted

Bavcar therefore received 21.68 million euro, while Kristjan Sušinski received € 3.53 million. They received the money through the associated Microtrust company, which was the owner and director of the brother, convicted Kristijan Sušinski, Nastja Sušinski. "So the convicts got money from a criminal offense that had the consequences of Pivovarna Laško," they wrote at the High Court. Moreover, they remembered that the previous offense had been convicted by a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pivovarna Laško. Bosko Srot.

The High Court can only confirm the defenders that the first unlawful move of money, such as silver mounting, can only be considered in the process of canceling more money in the first place. crime. The same is true of spending money. Because dirty money is in a bank account mixed with legal money, that doesn't mean that he can't continue to be an issue for cleaning money. "Dirty mixing is a way of net money and the total consumption of mixed assets in finance operations that could detect the inclusion of an indebtedness with the previous crime t "elective property," they said.

Dirty money

The reason for committing a crime is to be a crime of showing money to stop any money being spent as a result of crime or to interfere with the financial system. The aim is not to ensure that the income of the crime is not addressed, so that the building comes from an offense that it requires to use.

The main judges accepted that the offense of cash cleaning when the offender moves money or property he is familiar with or should know should have come from the crime and that he was He is aware that he does agree anyway. for this reason, it will be clear that the money is coming from a criminal offense or that the money arising from the crime will be difficult to detect.

Health problems

In September 2015, the district court was condemned to Bavčar's brother and Sushinski in another trial for a silver scrapping in the re-sale of the Istrabenz sections, and Bavčar was freed from charges of replacing power. Therefore, the prison sentenced to Bavaria, serving in prison for five years, sentenced to five years 'imprisonment, and sentenced to Kristijan Sušinsky to three years in prison, and two years' sentence for Nastja.

The first decision in July 2013 resulted in a custodial sentence for seven years in Bavar, but then the High Court left the case, and returned to a previous service, where there was no prison sentence. in Bavaria due to health problems.

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