Bad news for Real: Ramos casts two games penalty


Due to the fact that Sergio Ramos was a & # 39; Find a yellow card in the first time in the & # 39; First game of the eighth final of the European League, Uefa put another game off. This means that the central Real defender will lose the game back in Madrid and in the last anniversary quarter if Real Madrid is a charitable there.

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The referee got the fool. A yellow card was given to Sergio Ramosje to drop it down. In other words, the card was searched to keep a match back with Ajax Madrid. Uefa opened and scrutinized the videos after Ramos to Amsterdam (Ramos introduced into a mixed zone for reporters who made it bloody) and decided to punish the defender Spaniard, the Real Captain, with an extra game ban. A complaint is true about its decision, it's a? writing AS, but he says Ramos could be worse, as four of the members of the Uefa disciplinary committee wanted three games from the ban.

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