Bad news from Miami: dragic needs to go down some games

The Miami Heat Club is mentioned that they can not count on the Surname player Goran Dragić, who is stretching after the knee drainage in the next games. "I'm glad there was only fluid water, now I have to take a break," said Surname gold basketball player.

"We knew that he was not seriously injured, but at the same time we were aware that something needs to be done as quickly as possible. I hope this will be to settle, "coach Erik Spoelstra S-

Dragic is now recovering after a small laboratory, and it will return to the next week of the week when it works. enough hearing on his knee.

Tremer Vročice also tells Dwyane Wade to return to the parquet soon.

LeBron James


Dragic is becoming a problem for Miami, but LeBron's only #video show

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