Billionaire for close-up pictures made by ladies at the center of his business by sending them up to date. fight

The founder of Amazon's online store, Jeff Bezos, set against the blackmailers of the national news editor National Enquirer on Thursday.

Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie


Bezos le bean MacKenzie.

Accordingly, the publisher was threatening to publish his private private pictures unless he stopped the investigation against his / her; newspaper or the way the journalist came to these pictures. These are pictures and messages sent by their master, the old television host Lauren SanchezThe National Auditor arrives at those messages, and then announced last year that Bezos had an illegal relationship. Bezos and his wife MacKenzie The day before the message is that they divide.

Bezos Thursday announced that American Media Inc. (AMI) under leadership David Pecker, by the National Enquierer, to let him explore the way he got his private messages. Millioner said the newspaper publisher, who often publishes stories in the style of sexual relations Hillary Clinton With the Martians, sometimes also hitting black, the lawyer was at risk of doing it; photo publishing, the imagery was expected to be clear of its sexual lust.

It's not without Trump

According to Bezos, public abuses were asked publicly denied that the statement had a political history. In a recent interview, Bezos's security advisor has already been told Gavin de Becker, as long as he was a & # 39; explains that he had an interest in Lauren Sanchez's brother Michael, who is a great supporter for the US president Donald TrumpSouth Westerly

Trump in Twitter often raises amazon at Amazon and Bezosa since the newspaper was taken over by the " Washington Post newspaper and left it for free. Bezos, among other things, reminded Trump Tuesday to work with AMI, his headteacher, David Pecker, who is expected to pay for some of the stories to be set , which is currently being analyzed by federal analysts. One of these stories tells a woman who says she was a talk to Trump. The Amazon base also highlighted the AMI links with Saudi Arabia.

For now, it is not yet clear whether Bezos will make a lawyer to the National Attorney General. MacKenzie is the best position out of the whole story, which, after 25 years of marriage, promotes a large part of the cake division. Bezos is a small value of $ 140 billion. In AMI, they believe they have been legal when they recite the story of Bezos. Despite this, they have published that they will investigate the immediate inside of the complaints made by Bezos on her; national standard.

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