COD: The RTV Slovenia application against Kadunc is not well established


20. new. 2018 10:08

| Updated: 10:09 / 11/20/2018

COD: The RTV Slovenia application against Kadunc is not well established

According to the Commission for Bad Corruption (CCP), the request from the Board of Directors of SLV Slovenia opposed the General Director of Igor Kadunc, opposing its contract for independent film producers and thus influencing Arsemedia, it is not well placed to start the approach,

It was said that the reason for the application was to block the application in the last December. In this regard, Arsemedia's production house, like the one of its 43 applicants, method of election. He will clarify the suitability of its operation.

At the CCP, they explained to Delo that they were not even & # 39; and started negotiations against Kadunc, as they were not even the necessary data to do that. "Flat bills that the person in place does not know that the agents are sufficient enough to complain to the person affected that their private interest has had an impact on behave, "they told the newspaper.

According to Kadunec, it's not just about trying to & # 39; disturbance and food from special political groups following the leadership of national broadcasting. So, he suffered his own harm, as well as RTV Slovenia, to me. It is certain that the same thing happens with the remaining two room points that relate to integrity issues.

Kadunc left himself from all election procedures in the December offer for independent film producers, and RTV is delivering about 1.7 million euros.

Last week, the Board of Directors recommended that Kadunč be erased by the general RTV Slovenia manager. In addition to the above, it is stated, among other things, that they should give them brief information about his son's partnership with one of the film companies involved in RTVS. It is also said that it ends employment contracts for its closest partners, with at least a public statement within the organization, beyond the internal activity arrangements.

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