Concerns on the Talents! "If Ladu looks like it, he must continue"

The second final final show of the exhibition Sophia has a talent she gave new points that inspired her, so the spectators and the jury had a difficult task again to choose two talents for the final show.

The audience heard most votes for a voice of a Spaniard voice inoTuThe jury chose between the second and third, among the young singer Liano Piltz, who gave themselves a moving ballad, and 55-year-old painters Martin Shalamun, which allows someone to go to; Sing by singing songs. At last, they put Liano to the finals.

Indeed, the hot blood on the net was hot again (we are publishing without negotiation):

»Error! Inot and how Martin could be … Do you have a small car !! But Martin could listen and listen … Liana … there was nothing special … "

»She's cooking herself as ever! Martina will take home, if I'm going to go home; likes Ladot woman, she must go on. The guerrillas advance themselves – they will empty the straw. But a real expert is not a real life, no matter how hard it is. "

"Inot is an excellent singer, singer, great talent. Liana ended with an emotional, unfortunately. Again, it was confirmed that the youngest actors are being put on the show. What's wrong. And recommend that the guards watch the show on Channel 5. How you will entertain and accept the difference with every passion and respect. "

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