DAL ANSWER RESEARCH, why Luka Dončić Dallas shifts to the most EXECUTIVE

The generous genealogy can not be able to; giving their oral tradition, so that they do not make the most popular in front of home viewers.

Around 100 followers from Slovenia, who recently came from Shlovakia and traveled for 27 hours, Dončić made something special for the end of the duel with Portland.

Mladenič was wonderful and finished the duel with 28 points, 9 jumping, six help and one hindrance, which put 13 points in the last quarter. In fact, this is more than normal with Dončić, who throws an amazing 11/16 game, when the ball is in hands to make equality or go into your leadership Dallas.

To a valuable status and stronghold, he is an actor and is now an expert in the NBA Game Time Greg Anthony, warned him just after his first games in Lucas in the NBA.

"Listen, I gave him when he came to the NBA. But Doncic's presence was that there were many of their old soldiers in the team in Dallas before choosing and a selection of the team were successful in a successful job. so everyone was allowed to make decisions. Then you know that you are special. "

"I spoke to Carlisle's coach and he told me that they all saw this every day in training in each exercise and settings. A boy has a fascinating feeling playing basketball, and there's a gene for a drama and it's always there. In the NBA, the basketball players who have such awesome times give them an amazing time. basketball player. "

"Dallas gave him a choice in the first round of the next set, but they found a star star that only rarely scored teams. Looking forward Dallas is well placed . "

What are the words and the type of prejudice for the future, when a team around Doncic is trying to fight for the NBA campaigner's title.

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