Despite the low work, we stayed quietly

The headteacher Marka Potrča A complainant will be disturbed by violence and reported by a Slutton crowd. Running quickly they attacked the allegations and rejected everything above. Read more about here.

Within a few minutes later, his companion responded to the facebook Lili Zagar, who explained for a long time what kind of woman they are dealing with.

"In terms of writing a single media today about Marc. I know behind the story well. And I'm very well aware that Marko is innocent. Not just Because I know how well I know I would not do such a thing in my life, but also that I know a woman who complains sadly. "

She also told her that she had a negative knowledge of this woman, even to her; trying to destroy her birthday's birthday Inye: "In the gift of our virgins, she sent a messy message and she stayed as we answered. Despite this low work, we stayed calm, but I'm asking what their mother is, and especially why would she do something like that? "

Žagarjeva stood in the arms of Marc and stood beside her. Read the table below.

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