Facebook is 15 years

Despite many personal data misuse, users still have a & # 39; Trust Facebook largely.Despite many personal data misuse, users still have a & # 39; Trust Facebook largely.

Social networks has been a kind of representative of life, which is particularly true of the world's most popular social network FacebookPost-Up It uses more than two billion active users per month, making it one of their favorite websites around the world. Users use Facebook's social network to connect with friends and family and their clients. Explore interesting news all over the world.

The Facebook Facebook network was set up in 2004 (15 years ago) when Mark Zuckebreg opened TheFacebook.com portal at Harvard University. Initially, this is to be & # 39; Get out with friends and make new experts, & # 39; monitor events and display information to increase their own visibility. It has already been in 2008, it became a social network of the future in the Facebook platform, which was further proven by getting the famous social platform Instagram and WhatsApp.

In the best times, Facebook used two-thirds of the United States population, and every day, as long as they were, read and write news, on average, have been "spent" more than an hour of their time. Although Facebook has encountered a number of problems with the breakdown of personal users' data last year (the most popular one is the Cambridge Anaytica affair) and is increasingly clear that it has been abandoned by people young, he still has a affecting peace profits. Last year, Facebook recorded 30 per cent increase in revenue and 61 per cent increase in profits. In addition, there are many other new technologies, such as real and realistic facts and innovations, which ultimately tell us that Facebook's social network is still going on; guidance in the future or until most users depend on it.

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