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Gasoline and diesel are slightly more expensive after midnight


After reducing prices for 14 days, more regulatory arrangements, 95-octane gasoline and complex diesel will be increased again at service stations outside the road and the fast road on Tuesday. Gasoline is more expensive with 1.1 cents, and diesel is slightly larger.

For a non-folded 95-octane gasoline litter, at the service stations, where prices are set by the state, 1,194 euros will be removed from Tuesday. 1.1 pounds extra. Diesel rises with 1.4 cents to EUR 1,208, reporting the Ministry of Economy.

Petrol retailers express petroleum gasoline 100-octane and fuel oil and gas-95-octane and diesel gasadine prices on railways and roads. On the other hand, the prices of 95-octane gasoline and diesel will be managed.

They are adjusted according to the price rules of some petrol products every 14 days according to the method based on price transfer of petrol products on the world market and the exchange rate of the dollar euro. The partner will also be notified when it is counted at & # 39; model price.

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