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The film is named for five Oscars, including the best movie, the best original script and the best collection. Viggo Mortensen can be the best actor in the main, Mahershall Ali in a position alongside. Photograph: IMDb

"The situation in the sixty years was terrible, "maybe someone will be taking action when they are absent from the cinema, be aware that a barbaric division today does not use the world. Imagine: productivity film, which warms your heart! Green Book service, when complex problematic inequality is a basic and simple level of understanding and sympathy to the neighbor?

The film encouraged the true friendship between Tony Vallelongo – "Gofljo", Bronx Italian Rangers, and a pianist of Don Shirley's Dark Prize, Vallelonga as a defender and security guardian along with a US visit to the USA in 1962. The director and screenwriter Patrick Farrelly, by the name we have linked so far by intense comedians (Clothing and fools, there is a blind love) with emphasis on scarves from the head of infection (Film 43, The Crazy to Mary), a problem, among the movie makers "bad", his heart is in the right place: v Green Book lack of persuasive complications is unusual. Despite this, we have a kind of movie ahead of which the film (at least obviously) is divided into "very bad" and "a little bit worse". Very bad those who use them "word on" and are unhappy with dinner. The hidden ones behind the back with them "eggs" and they do not want to be left alone in his wife's company, he is on the other hand so poor an underpinning of ethnicity – in fact, a beautiful viewer, who has only a person of personality growth.

Tony Gofly's famous prize for his career as Lupertazzi's Carmina in Sopranos, and also played short films in Martin Scorsese films. Photograph: IMDb

This robbie is like Tony (Viggo Mortensen), and cost as security guard in nightclubs, truck drivers and self tractors "high eye"Next Post With Dolores' wife (Linda Cardellini) and two sons are hit into a small room in the Bronx. When access to work – "The doctor is a driver detector" – Tony can not refuse her refusal. Go to a conversation in the room over the famous carnegie hall, where "Shirley" Doctor (Mahershala Ali), decorated with a beautiful African spider and covered with jewelry, sitting on the throne. Group of pianists Don Shirley Trio astonished, honest, honest, gentle and artistic. If Tony can deliver him at the right time and not behave in the next eight weeks, he will have a wonderful legacy when he returns to New York.

The title was given by the "Green Book", booklet Green Green Book, which began between 1936 and 1966. It was a list of hotels, restaurants, shops and barbeys; , where dark mirror parties were welcomed in South America individually. It would be hard for you to include it if you do not get it from the movie: Green Book The book is not really green, which Tony once has once broke, much less of her; attention and briefs, as he wants (Mortensen all the photas and the same way as sandwiches.) The story cross is not such a historical historian travel on scenes traveled every kilometer harder and hostile to an unusual couple, but a slowly born friend in green cadillac.

On the golden world, the Green Book has won the best-selling comedy or music group. The oscars do not know about this section in two main genres, drama and comedy. Photograph: IMDb

And with such consideration, negotiation film of the week there would be something wrong if the stories in both of them were at least the same weight. So, it is difficult to scratch the feeling that Farrelly's interest is in the story of how Tony was harmed, and also, teaching Shirley as being a "black-haired man". He will let him go for a chicken chicken, send it to Little Richard and Arethe Franklin ("Here for people!") and shows him when he brushes the white police officers to a diplomatic and when they return to the beat. At any time, Tona will take up his position with all secrets: "You, Mr Živina, who live in a castle and play for the rich … I live on the streets, you are sitting on her & # 39; throne. My world is much more black than you! " (And this is not a moment that would try to design Tony's inclusion.)

Shirley is clearly shaken by these objections, and it must be considered that the film shows that the Bronx Italians in 1962 could understand the incapacity of the film; better than a dark person who had a feeling of discrimination every day of his life. And this is Italy, which is at the same time that he is a religion in other parts of his life (to the Shirley Indian medal very seriously).

Don Shirley's own family disappeared from the movie, saying he was a Too much freedom in giving real events. Photograph: IMDb

It is related to a completely uncertain decision of the screenwriters who are not saying more about the highest artist in a story about two characters, who wanted to send his love Chopin was away, as the listeners were listening to them. expecting him to make "fascinating" popular pieces"Mar Liberace, but better," It is an estimate of Tony's expert.) Shirley is surrounded by his brother, a broken leg is behind him, dripping through a lunar dinner with a whiskey bottle, and sometimes use his education and revival as weapons. "There's always a lot to go. – His motto is to explain why shoes and hatred are; respond regularly with quiet integrity.

Mahershala Ali the image includes a royal setting, where it can be done; fears fearful and vulnerable – it's a unique play in a number of places higher than a sub-average situation. Despite this, at each complex level of its character, the best movie is only a search. In the main view, there is a split of part; image remains complex.

The girl ab & # 39; Better to be an Oscar for a secondary post: Mahershala After the moon (2017), the statue would receive a prize twice in three years. Photograph: IMDb

Mortensen, who is very dependent on all the clichés of the Italians, taken from American Mafia films (as well as his unsupported Italian support), maybe he did not win the t- His name is Oscar, but he is still an inconvenient charisma. Especially because of the chemistry between the main actors, because of their translation and interaction, it is Green Book An amazing movie, though not very good.

Impact Green Books – may be able to overcome discrimination at an individual level and close close friendship or at least at least; influencing the centuries of established racism – it is unhappy and uncertain, just the type of decision that the Samaritan Academy Academy (see also: Chipper Miss Daisy, The Fatal accident.) The movie that looks great to build its scenes. a question of how race and class collections represent an individual's identity: when a green car is a? Breaking in a field is treated by dark skin staff, words do not need. Don and Tony are clearly uncomfortable – one because of their minds about how his life could be returned, to another because of his time. ; I needed a lot of sobriety.

However, Farrelly does not mourn too far in the face of problems; The statement prefers to be circulated with a Christmas dinner, which looks like a Norman Rockwell studio. Steep and moving, without radical connecting to the intersection of modern society, such as your own Black Kkklanovcu Spike Lee paid. The film, with which Hollywood can connect to his shoulder for his "adult" understanding of history and including broad, inclusive stories.

Rating: 3; writing Ana Jurc

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