He liked a man of 27 years old with David Guetta

One of the best paid DJs in the world, David Guetta, a 51-year-old, has recently seen a breach by a 27-year-old lover, Jessica Ledon. In a photo gallery you can see the ideas of sea holidays.

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French did not translate, translate, make or download David Guetta has recently fallen on one of the recordings. in Miami with her 24 year old lover, gameanyone Jessico LedonSouth West Guetta has recently celebrated its 51st birthday. birthnot just a day, but in the pictures that the paparazzi built, it seems that he has not been in a position; see years and years since he went to years. In 2014, after 22 years of DJs, the DJ was released Cathy Lob & # 233;, who had been an organizer for many years and has two of them childrenKa: son of 13 years old Elvis Team Erica and nine years old and # 269; erk Angie GuettoMrs. Jessico's Postman in 2015, and the relationship revealed publicly year days later in the Elysee Fall & # 8211; Several times that took place in the "Cuban president" Raulu CastruSouth Westerly

Guetta has been on the field for many years the bestof DJs in the world, to racism, and subsequently numbered to succeedIt happened in 2002, when he left his first record with the title Just a Little More LovePost-Evaluated Total Recommendation today € 70 million & # 8211; Forbes However, he considered that the third man in the last year the bestHe is a DJ in the world with a fortune of about 25 million euros.

There is currently a DJ in Florida in a tranquil town, and, according to foreign media statements, it is more likely to use € 9 million as a new store of joy. Extreme screw for us & # 269; they say that Guetta is planning to rent his own home, while on long journeys, has been rented as a housekeeper.

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DJ French, songwriter, producer and publisher David Guetta recently on one of the beaches in Miami with her 24 year old lover Jessico LedonSouth-West Guetta has recently celebrated its 51st birthday, and in the paintings taken by the paparazzi, it seems not to have lived for years apart from living all the time, for a long time. In 2014, after 22 years, the DJ has separated from Cathy Lobé, who had been his organizer for many years and with two children: a 13-year-old son Elvis Team Erica and a daughter of nine years old Angie GuettoMrs. Jessico's Admiral in 2015 and revealed the relationship publicly after a year later in the Elysee Palace – at a dinner that was over President Cuban Raulu CastruSouth Westerly

For many years, Guetta has been the best of the best DJs in the world, and how he went on, and later he made many effects, in 2002 when he left off, His first album called the title Just a Little More LoveSouth West The total asset assessment of its property is now up to more than EUR 70 million – ForbesHe made the estimate that he was the third DJ with the best payment in the world in the past year, earned around 25 million berries.

At this time, DJ lives in Florida in an excellent city, according to foreign media reports, he has earned nine million yorra, and is more likely to be at # 39; used as the source of new income. Foreign craftsmen say Guetta expects her home to be done, long & as they are on a long journey, rented out as a holiday home.

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