He shone and fell across his wall on a dangerous journey

Planinka was equipped with sufficient equipment that is not suitable for the current location.

At the time of a decision from Grintovec, on the # 39; morning today a dead mountain was killed. According to the Kranj Police Steering Group, flat horizons, which used unsuitable equipment, washed down and dropped over the line; wall in a dangerous and dangerous way.

As they said, the trip was marked, but it was covered with frozen snow and walked badly. For walking, however, the equipment was flat and unsuitable equipment used, the crambars called, not suitable for high mountains and conditions.

A mountain crash was debated by police police unit police officers, and a dead mountain crash crashed from the mountain.

Only in the mountains with suitable equipment

In PU Kranj's sad disaster they will warn again that the hills need to be cautious. "Check out where and how to make a degree. Provide the appropriate equipment you learn before you need it. Find out where you are and what location in that place. Do not get out of the road " they give a warning.

They add that the signals can be under snow, and the routes are mostly covered with snow and ice-frozen ice. According to the statements, the situation in the mountains is dangerous, so climbers warn them not to be at risk and to do it; look after the ridge and the open spaces. They also prefer to avoid landslide.

Depending on the current situation, the high threat in the mountains continues for a while, they are led by the PU Kranj.

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