Health insurance rates are jointly up to around two diseases

Higher health insurance higher levels will be higher by March – some seven percent or two types. As described in Triglav, Vzajemna and Adriatic Slovenica, there are more expensive bills due to higher levels and higher prices of specific health services, as well as an increase in public sector salaries. Is the price at the same time rising as a result of an agreement between insurance companies?

Prices for additional health insurance are also being built in girls and houses for older people. Zavarovalnica Triglav is the largest increase – for two patients and 20 cent. The Euro and 85 cent will be paid insured from Vzajemna and Adriatic Slovenica will be Euro and 64 cents.

Nowadays, none of the three insurance companies that can do it can. giving us continuous insurance to compare us. They describe in writing that there are higher prices: public sector payments changes (the health insurance property paid by the Health Insurance Institute and insurance companies), and from year to year there are quantities and higher prices higher health services, some insurance companies; Program funding is also available to limit age shortening times, costs are also increased due to demographic changes or ancient numbers.

Maja Krumberger from the Slovenian Insurance Agency for submission24UR she said: "If you look at the HZZS numbers, in 2018, the cost of increased service prices, enhanced salary, and also due to increased sizes, increased somewhere between six and seven percent."

But often, there is no place to be known, and pay higher levels, they are insurance. Despite the prediction that the additional insurance would be removed, it is clear that this is still at this time, says Krumbier: "In addition to what has been published today as a normative plan for government, we do not have more depth information from the ministry or from the Finance Ministers."

In terms of whether the insurance companies may agree to increase, however, there are: "In any situation. When the costs of health services are rising, the prices are also increased by a time reduction, and these insurance companies are usually at the same time".

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