How is it possible for Sanja to suffer home at such pain?

The population is ruined and disturbed how the people of Sanja Pertoci, who had cancer, lived on the last days of his life. Unfortunately, he lost the battle.



Sanja Pertoci was the home of Sovjak, a town that just throws a stone from St George near Ščavnica.

Slovenian has spent last week with a lot of sympathy to watch the story about 20 years old Dream Pertoci from Sovjak (Bunait Sveti Jurij near Ščavnica). The girl has been infected with bone cancer twice in the last six years. After recovered for the first time, the osteosarcoma, which appeared again a year ago, was not found.

Her friends would close their social networking then what kind of calvary they would have to spend with a sick person. For the last two weeks, they've been talking hard about how bad & the pain is. »Despite a high drowsiness of shingle, day-to-day pain is confirmation. Ideas are fully aware and aware of everything " They wrote and added to him that he was the pain he wanted to; Her final desire, so she and her family believed that they would be transferred abroad to euthanasia. But the girl died earlier, the weekend. His last few days have raised many questions.

ukc ljubljana


UKC Ljubavna is an awesome example.

Palliative care

Many who followed this story were horrified, how could the 20 years last? Despite hell like that? "Is there a detainee in Slovenia? She did not get the girl? How can she have died so incapable? One of the fundamental rights of the patient is to take all necessary actions promptly to remove or reduce the pain and other suffering associated with his illness, " shows one of the characters of the deceased.

So what happened then the 20-year home was getting so hard? For clarification, we contact Ljubljana University Center (UKC), where the patient is a patient. We were interested in how care impairment is being made in their frame and whether the girl has been found or taken over in the past weeks.



Can you do more to treat Sanjo?

Their answer

UKC Ljubljana public relations department has told us that cancer patients have palliative care and treatment for all patients. "UKC Ljubljana young patients can also help at any time," they said. However, they did not respond to the fact that the fact was 20 years old; adversely affected or not.

"The girl you want long ago in the UKC Ljubljana. Develop a pain treatment plan (the patient can also cure pain with opiates according to doctor's instructions in the home environment) and Clinical door has always been open. Unfortunately, there was a strange type of cancer. We express our sympathy with our sisters. We can not and do not want to comment Given the details of the case, " they answered.

In the case of the case, an Oncology Institute expert also wanted a reply, but yesterday it was not possible. He stated that he would send us a message today, so that what we tell us is published in one of the following edition of the newspaper.

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