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How is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro working? Ciril Komotar: "Bead mar garlic!"

At last year's end, Huawei gave his most powerful phone – Mate 20 Pro. Many of the media and journalists from around the world have given the best title to the best phone last year, and has been credited with its modern and hard-hitting and many advanced features. To prove that it is best in practice, Huawei was recently tested in just the same contract that users wanted.

Ciril Komotar - Mate's Challenge

At Huawei in January, the #ChallengeMate campaign was launched, where users were invited to submit their ideas for testing the Mate 20 Pro. Among all, they chose those who won most of the votes, and with the help of Cirilo Komotar, the post as one of the largest Slovenianis channels that they have. you enjoy on YouTube, Minister to Comotar, he also realized.

Users have a great interest in three things: how well the image is stable when they are; video shooting in bad situations, whether it's possible to make a very attractive picture and a great deal of fun and how to put it back if the phone is left all night in a cool environment. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro did all the tests with excellence on how this was seen in practice, but you can check it out hereThe earliest Cyril's best accomplishment with his famous expression could be: "Bead as a garlic!" He also said that he is already in the "bottom start", as one of the first ones that will be " Certified Huawei P30 series phones that are well expected to be delivered on March 26 in Paris.

Ciril Komotar - Mate's Challenge

Streaming statues, slimy images and long-term battery

During the constant test, the telephone was connected to the front of the sports car, video recorder, and traveled to the busy mountain road. The last video that was captured by phone was very smooth and did not. shrieking despite her heavy field. The item also helped to dress on the phone. The Pro Mate 20 is equipped with the powerful Kirin 980 dual-neuron unit, and the second is supportive of the phone on a variety of activities. From burning and shooting to make the best performance.

Thinking was the aim that was; She had to try cars, he also used sport in sporting steel in another test – a & # 39; creating an attractive translucent picture. He quickly built the car in a sharp bend, and was then taken from the last part – the name drift – the product was amazing. In fact, the maths Matt Math Pro is really good. Not only does this apply to videos, but also to photographs. Leica has a phone camera on her phone, including a 40-phead lens in the middle, an ultra-broad 20-bit lens and 8 MP MP television lens. Although the second one gives clear depth and unexplained photography, the highest bed in the innovation of the lens is very wide. With help, you can have a wider overview of the environment, which is particularly true in smaller areas.


During the last test, a battery life test in an extremely cold environment, the phone will phone the night through. When he was buried, filling his 100% product when he came to & # 39; Save the next day, but the meter still showed a 94 per cent high percentage of people. Its Product has a high capacity of 4,200 muiliamp hours and is filled with a & # 39; charger (up to 70% in 30 minutes), as long as software solutions are available for longer devolution. In addition, it also supports quick-duty taxes and even wire taxation (with Mat 20 Pro you can cut another phone batterie to a wire, even if it's a " supporting a wireless wire).

In the final test, it also proves the phone's anti-water work too. Snow is wet, and although the phone was covered all night, he did not stop the work.

You can watch the amazing video that came out of the test here or on a link

The photographer is Huawei.

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