"I intend to be free of charge to complete the inclusion of editorial policies or clans"

The film winner and film director Filip Robar Dorin is the winner of this great pre-school award this year. Photograph: FSF

For Filip Robar Dorin (1940), the film author has full understanding of the word. He writes settings for his films, collecting them, and in fact he directs them, often represents himself.

One of the most interesting chapters of the history of the film in the world is an important step in film film creativity: an active author, a collaborative part of the creator and a reading theme with an episode program, and a documentary form in which the truth-ending end is deleted, has become a generous and important creative way of contemporary film.

Varja Močnik san won in advance

Over the last ten years, he has made a variety of work done. Among his statements he is out Opre Roma (Kvishku, Romi, 1983) about the life of the Romans in Dolenjska and among the films Aries and mamoth on Sophisticated xenophobia, the Wind Network (1989) on spring spring in Novo Mesto and its independence Striptih about our mind.

Originally, Robar Dorin was born in Serbia, graduated from a comparative philosophy and philosophy, then from film scripts, guidance, camera and editing at Columbia College, Chicago. He was studying at the Swiss private center and at Theater, Radio, Film and Television Academy (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. Between 1998 and 2002 he was Director of the RS Film Fund, where "He outlined several important cultural policy guidelines for the development of film production".

So far, Robar Dorin has signed up to more than 30 film and documentary films, 15 pictures of poets and writers, musicians and Slovenianis painters, as well as ten films and full-time statements.

"I conducted a 50-minute study from a five-minute exercise."
Journalist Marko Golja in a radio show Our artists are in front of her son Years ago a filmmaker was held, for the Divisional Prosecutor's jury: "He is a very horrible film maker, researcher and interpreter dedicated to searching his own films, but also his / her; neglect social groups, minority groups, and hidden dimensions of movements and important personalities in Slovenian society."

The third part of the Romano-Slovenianis Opre Roma training was created in 2011 and is titled The Path to the Gaj. Photograph: SFC

In terms of his direction, he remembered in the show that his & her; The first truly set film, which was said to be only five minutes, exceeded the time it was set. The study was on people who were outside an American society that is a staying on Chicago slums, they are free from income, and they are subject to wildlife and are brought to believe.

"I conducted a 50-minute study from a five-minute exercise. This is a & # 39; my first studio film Skip, which was created in the second year of Columbia College, 1966, where I can streamline its & # 39; the first year since I had already taken my film experience from Slovenia."

Frequently, the problem usually arises at least; the artist needs to go through the education system well done. Robar Dorin commented on the place of education for his own creative way: "The school opened me a world to regularly monitor films, film texts, literary texts and to know the people involved and knowledge of the people we were dealing with. This means that you will come closer and closer to a person that you start long ago, then come to it, because you want to find out more, the two can be closer and you want to find out more. This gives you good work at school."

"This section of the life of the line that I first caught up took a while, and I said it was a type of device, and then it might have thought My own, even when I came back from the United States to Slovenia or Iugoslavia, "said Robar Dorin. Picture: BoBo

"Let's see what's at the bottom of the site."
According to Dorin, his interest in people from his or her offspring may be his / her; from the fact that almost no one was interested at that time. "These were the emigrants, the Indians, the dark skin – the worst part of the population in southern Chicago – the great poverty of the Slavic countries that came to the United States and dropped There, and they found a way to spend it with a # 39; believers or some casual parts. I think these people are an exciting driver. I was not interested in a white shirt or in a blue garden, I was interested in the bottom. Let's see what's at the bottom of the site."

Even after he returned from the United States, he did not; Dorina left an interest in people from the company 's outskirts, and so she also did. patient registration from psychic, Roma or staffing departments. "This section of life is at the bottom, which I first took, and kept it short. I said that this was a type of thumbnail, and then I might have it; Thinking about myself, even when I came back from the USA to Slovakia or Iugoslavia.

A number of movements were created across different continents and in different countries where there was little money and that a new novel had to be born, a new way. A movie was very poor, but many had to say. Here, I also saw a chance for a Slovenian cinema, and, as expected, it could not be any way, but with novotaries, new ways, look at life, which & # 39; Behave more than just a story or restart something that has already happened. This is a movie that makes life, a & # 39; pull a lot out and do something new.

Filip Robar Dorin

It was helpful that some of them live very interesting here of life, and little know what it is. But I kept myself with my own motion, and I do not lament. I think that I have even been my duty to be in some of the following; More places to do in this guide, so I went to. i. The second part of the Romany problem, and he names the third part."It was also created, in 2011 he made a film in a collection and collection The way to the gay peopleSouth Westerly

Includes documentary documentary and documentary
As a screenwriter and director, Robar Dorin introduced a documentary and documentary film on a Slovene film, where the film author becomes an active contributor of the content he / she is; represented. So, for his film, Aries and mamoth, who talk about local staff, it is a unique interliteration of different innovative and narrative ways.

"In recent years, I made the first movie, & # 39; The Scandals were at nearby ancestors, where the reconstruction of events between narrative material was needed. For example, I followed the story of two very young two bands, which came out as a German reward. They got work or work for themselves, where they could show all their gifts, so they were valued and respected and returned home as a wealthy man and then created their company here. Today they are successful or successful. Success as one of the most skilled families.

Naturally, it was very good to show what was going on; happened in Germany, which would be & # 39; as if it were in old weather. In fact, this was asked to rebuild events, which are already a game. But fortunately he played with real people. Fortunately, he will play with people with special knowledge. Luckily, he will play with people who are familiar with them then in a way to do it again. That's a precious thing for me, because they were not always like that. There were not all natural, and many of them, and for this reason I decided to keep this way. In doing this, you will do it; come across natural or true people who are deep and worthy of respect."

His film, The Wind in the Network, shows the Spring of the Year; New in 1920 through the appearance of Danijel Bohorič's poets. For this film, Robar Dorin received the Prešeren Fund for Screenplay, Directing and Editing in 1990, and in the same year of the last Iugoslav festival in Pula, a gold place was to be directed. Photograph: SFC Archive

A & # quest; manipulated and rebuilt in the film
On the issue of reconstruction treatment presence, the film maker has a & # 39; think 20 per cent of the practice and 80 per cent of real revival or even suffer.
Robar Dorin was founded by the institution in recent years Movie options, indeed, one of the first independent production houses in the former Yugoslavia, later called Filmal ProSouth Westerly

Film's other production house, as stated in advance,He named the development of a strong independent independent film production"But he himself said about establishing this type of institute, and then, filmmakers later appeared around the world. In terms of other production, he said:"There have been a number of movements across different continents and in different countries where there was not much money, and somewhat new, a new approach was needed. A movie was very poor, but many had to say. Here, I also saw a chance for a Slovenian cinema, which could not disturb huge money, but with novotaries, new ways of life, a look at life, Behavior more than just telling the story or restarting something that has already happened S-West This is a movie that makes life, and # 39; pull a lot out and do something new."

Photograph: Sinemonia Cinematheque Archives

Why keep you up?
But unfortunately, a format film producer, such as Dorin, had to say, what he used, like then reading theses, verbs or errors; presented by the Film Workers Association and publication in the magazine Screen, failed. "This word was not accepted in Slovenia. For years, I've been watching movie options and upstairs myself."And why is Filip Robar Dorin ready for those years to continue in the seventh art?"I am complying with the credentials that may exist on the film work that is within me, and I do not. Note that we have seven dry cows and again seven are well built. However, in the years that had seven dry water and seven fat, the years passed. Much more systematic, I plan my film activity,"said Prešeren's winner this year.

However, he said: "By the end, he expects to remain free of charge without accepting editorial or clan policies, to be a producer or agent; guide, or be an artistic or political tour. I want to promote freedom of art and its. See what you get out of,"Robbly Dorin's mischievous signature.

You are invited to watch the movie The Lady of Chance, a picture by Philip Robar Dorin!

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