I try to & # 39; lie

November 20, 2018

Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, in conversation with the Family

After a speech on the Sunday morning at the Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana, the Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson put several times to journalists and their questions. It was likely that the previous "exams" had been very tired of it, However, it was given us with good faith.

Which of the 12 most difficult rules?
Maybe that is possible Tell the truth – or at least be in bedThis is the most difficult thing.

Why is he rarely using his love word? What is your love?
It is a desire that everything that lives and does. suffer well.

This is a word that needs to be used economically. By using it suddenly, without care and, of course, it has been reduced. In other words, we need to use it only when the situation needs. Talk to her & # 39; love … it is very challenging.

Is there a religion in God that helps to; stop disruption and help someone be better?
I do not know if it's so big for faith in fear. You know that they say: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

What kind of fright is this?
We let the fear that the things you make are very important. No what you are writing, a & # 39; counted. To change the course of events. And that wealthy responsibility is there. I believe people are changing the future in the future to the truth of today. And they do this with ethical conclusions.

When you write something down, this will prove what the world looks like. If you're quiet, this should be frightened. We need to do this responsibly because things can make a lot worse. And you can help. And you do it, if you're hardworking about the words. You will increase the opportunity for worst issues. The more it is, the largest authority your words are.

Do you believe in power of forgiveness? Why do we need it?
Because we all make mistakes. The old opinion is that God has two hands: mercy and justice. If there is only justice, we are in a bad problem. But if mercy was, we could do what we wanted to do. None of these two are true. The man hopes that he will be able to rise again after falling, and show friendship like others, of course, none of us is very formal. But this does not mean you should not have ideals or you should not be responsible for doing so.

There are conditions for depression. For example, when we need our own forgiveness, we must first admit that we have made mistakes and regret. Then, we need to verify why we have done this because the roots can go back considerably and then; appear very bad. Then the error must be corrected, and it is wise to repeat it. Then we can quit.

I think it's like when we go; other pardon. Another thing is a reminder. If someone has fought you, it may be best for you to go, you forget. But I do not think you should pardon until this person passes over to her; the process outlined above, as he would walk alone if he had to do his own forgiveness.

The reason we commit is and forgiveness; Repairing what we've done wrong, but not repeat the same mistake again. This is real meaning. Many think it is remembered to remember the past. That's not like that. The memory is designed to make mistakes later.

In the talk, talk about why good people in the name of ideologies are ready to do bad things. Do you think we are again in danger of falling into the ideology so deeply? What's an antidote for this?
The danger is always there. The real fact is that in one successful breakdown to illness and disaster. I say that it's a good start to go to # 39; Take our moral responsibility as a poorly-born citizen badly. The work of journalists is to report the truth. But you have to tell the truth, live it.
Sometimes I talk to a journalist who has a full idea of ​​thinking. The word is not true. As if he'd talk to a doll. I can predict everything he says. Part of the problem is that he does not include what he says.

If you want to have a real conversation, you must believe what you say. You will grow an individual; you recognize. You may be able to fight tyranny by being a real one to know what you know can be real into your life. You speak from yourself, because no one else can speak, except you.

How do you not be scared to talk about suffering from depression?
Why do you think I'm not scared? In a terrible situation, I was about two years old. I was scared.

It's a big taboo in a & # 39; community …
Things are like they are. I hope this helps people. For everything, the price must be paid. It is essential to pay the price for filing, the cost of speaking must be paid. I think I was quite credible, and I thought I needed to talk about it. I know that dementia is an amazing illness. Her daughter suffered ill arthritis and, thus, lost the ankle and the box in one and a half years. Despite this, the situation made a mistake quickly. I asked her if she had pain for arthritis or dementia. She did not think for a minute and she answered that for arthritis. It's a really great thing to do. It's a really great thing to do. It is useful to clarify.

How do you help?
Oh, in many ways. I have been experiencing bad drugs for a long time; Now I'm not taking them now. Depression appears to have affected our family as a detrimental effect on uncommon disease. Now, it is already a bit clearer to us what disease can be. I have a very limited diet and it seems – amazingly – very helpful. I also started other things. I always did what I was thinking about; means doing something worthwhile, even though I had a bad day … My family and friends are surrounded by me. I tried to raise my life and there are many reasons why. This will also keep you up just when it's dark.

A tab is today a death. Are you scared about dying?
Everyone fears death. There are things that give me more fear of this … The idea is on her; help.

For example?
(silence) I am more scared of hell than death.

How do you try to stop it?
I try to & # 39; lie …

Do you want to pamper your cat if you meet her in the street?
Yes, I do it when they are not too busy and come in and say, "Hello."

They spoke to Mojca Purger, Marjan Pogačnik and Urška Makovec


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