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"If we do not make any happiness now anyway?" #intervju

Yesterday Team Mastnak won the second place in the massive slalom of his best success, but only for a couple or two in a family company who traveled for thousands of kilometers, he will not commit sin. It is a new day and a new opportunity for a new base. "Why not get good forms?" it's amazing.

Mastnak SP Park Park Team


What to show Tim Mastnak is the new snowboard in the world!

If the season ends today, it wants to Mastnaka Team the most successful. He went into competition at the opening ceremony of the season, a simple simple parallel slalom at Carezza, and was crowned by the second place at the World Slalom World Championship race in the City Park City.

Money backs (at world-wide competitions under the auspices of the International Exercise Federation, and the best three of the best snowbirds) are now in the honorary place, but Mastnak does not, however, # 39; output to & # 39; She can be with her today when she is in the slalom slalom.

Age 28, Le Celjan, who celebrated his birthday in the United States, just before the start of the festival, and celebrating his personal holiday with Father Robert, who is also as a trainer, at an American American dinner, we spoke about half an hour after the Middle East had been marked by his fans; best success to date. But giving a short and short warning, it's a new day; tomorrow (well, today), a new game and a new hunt for the medals.

Mastnak in the company Žana Košir, the fifth in the big slalom test.

Mastnak in the company Žana Košir, the fifth in the big slalom test.
Photograph: Morgan Kristan / Sportida

A coach of the Slovenianis Gorazd Bertoncelj game praised Timija Zajc at the impact of Oberstdorf Airport to turn off the phone so that all successes are in place. giving more weight. How is it with your phone? Fingers and a regular flush?

It's true, it's tired. I do not read all the cards and I'm welcome; Responding to messages (smile, op. P.).

Is it too early for a cliché, but still a compulsory question, how does it become a global supporter?

It's just too early, let's just wait to get home. Now I need to be together and drive a good time tomorrow.

We'll go through the game. First, second in the certificates, and then high quality progress in extraordinary blows past Elias Huber, Germany, Lukas Mathies Austria and another German Stefan Baumistra. When you saw standing before, did you know that the work would be difficult or easy to direct? Many of their favorite people, now leader of the whole world, Benjamin Karl, the Olympic girl from Pyongyang Nevin Galmarini, Roland Fischnaller and Rok Marguc, Rogla's third place, are held in certificates.

I knew the work would be hard, and anyone who is able to go to the finals was very good in that day and everyone can make astonishment. At the beginning of each time, I was so co-ordinated and focused. It is not easy and no conflict is easy.

Team Mastnak Park City 2019

Photograph: Getty Images

How will you come to the beginning of the last trip? They say that the finals do not play or play; competition, but they are winning.

In fact, I wanted to win. I knew that I was the second one, but I wanted more. Unfortunately, I was driving in the finals on the red corridor, which was a little worse than the blue (every step of the campaigns went to the finals on the blue line, op. P.). I was thinking about the devices that did not; I got out of the way. Due to bad publicity, I lost the holes on the way, I caught the board and, unfortunately, I finished in the snow.

In the final, where he won the gold medal, he resigned at the third door.

In the final, where he won the gold medal, he resigned at the third door.
Photograph: Getty Images

Keepers often stopped at a group of fans who were hitting Surname banners and a face mask. I found the feeling that your strongest support is on the field. How many people have traveled to the USA for you?

(Laughter, op. P.) I think we're in the inn where we are. celebrated about 15, and it's fun. Outdoors they would be heard to the beginning. They were very tall. Here is my whole family and my best friends, and my long-distance relatives also live in the United States. coming to Park City. I am extremely grateful, despite the bad weather and cold, that they stood up in the goal and helped me. It's a great honor.

What is the biggest sin that will be encouraged to be involved in today's collections by fans?

I could drink flu with my friends. That is the smallest thing I can do for them after they travel for a world of me. If I do not sign today, I do not know when I am. These are events that may happen once a while … although I want you to come back again.

Mastnaka was one of the highest hosting fanatics organizations.

Mastnaka was one of the highest hosting fanatics organizations.
Photograph: Morgan Kristan / Sportida

Where did you save the bottom?

I spend it on my neck. Especially because of the friends here (laughter, op. P.)

Tomorrow is a parallel slalom. This year, you were in the highest slalom in the 17th place at Bad Gastein. What do you expect?

Self-esteem is very high. Okay, in the United States, I also trained the slalom well, so … It's really a great slalom to control my control. My apartment, but why not get good good tomorrow? Another heavy game comes up, it's snow, so the course is very tough. We see …

The certificates will begin in the parallel slalom at 5pm, and the final rounds will be held at 9pm.

At the beginning, there are three Slovenia, as well as Mastnak Gloria Kotnik there Jean Kossir, as long as it is Rok Marguc due to ill-health (in the first gradual race at the parallel giant slalom he broke one of the bones in the palm) he had completed his / her; competition.

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