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If you become ill for flu, do not become a traveler of the disease

A rare disease of respiratory diseases that occurs most during a period of months is a disease; winter and spread rapidly. It is a threat to everyone, especially older people, young children and patients with heart disease and continuing lungs. The influenza virus causes damage to the mucous blood cells and its; allows bacteria to enter the lung device, resulting in the disease being birch, especially in older people and continuing patients.

In China, more than five percent of the population are determined annually for flu, usually the increase in morbidity will occur at the end of January and early February. So hospitals and clinics, who receive hundreds of people who are included daily, are already in the stomach, in hospital, have a full ban on visiting the hospital, and the flu already wants to; first death this year.

As there is an increase in the number of patients with diseases and other respiratory diseases is expected, it is very important that they try to be ill to limit their connections. "If we get sick and walk around, we eliminate the illness of your illness. So, stay at home, do not go to work centers, schools and the kids, young people, visiting patients in hospitals and homes for older people, "it is clear Marta Košir, public health expert from the National Public Health Institute (NIJZ). Even a doctor Mihaela Strgar – Hladnik from Zdravstveni dom, Ljubljana Bežigrad, who has made a big visit to "chewy" and a tired patient with high fever, headaches, mattresses and muscles from the last week, warns him patient to stay at home for at least another day at rising temperatures and sneeze and cough only into your sword until they discharge the disease. "They prefer to leave home at temperatures and high feelings, and tell the doctor about this, who will advise them when or what they should come," says Strgar-Hladnikova. She has been at the clinic for at least 30 patients with symptoms of influenza, but only about ten people a day.

They help hot drinks

Influenza should be running out a week, and a & # 39; Given the problems by using a lot of hot drinks. How long does the fever go? It is still praised and restored from a corporate effort. The temperature is reduced if it rises over 38 degrees Celsius. For children, paracetamol is appropriate to reduce the temperature, and adults on NIJZ may recommend paracetamol and no aspirin. As it is possible, especially at night, there is a sharp look on a fog nose, nasal drops, which allows you to improve your nose and make it easier.

If there are no bacteria in a severe flu, antibiotics are not beneficial, but can be harmful. Even antiviral drugs, which are just a few years ago; cut and reduce the disease course, just effective if the doctor is able to; order them on the first or second day of illness. Care should be taken as some medicines are not suitable for patients with depressing, liver, others that do not want people with asthma or worm infection. Therefore, these medicines are not usually ordered in patients treated in the hospital as a result of flu.

Everyone is likely to affect their flu; After infection, the course varies and depends entirely on its; health condition, age, protection system and other diseases with similar disease. The NIJZ for influenza prevention provides advice, in particular, to & # 39; vaccine, which protects against the disease and potential problems, both we and the weakest, who should not; vaccinated. And although their vaccine is not 100% effective, the disease is a? happens in those who, despite their vaccination, have a & # 39; getting sick, worse and more difficult. A healthy lifestyle, fruit and vegetables measure, sleep enough, and many outdoor activities for protection.

The most dangerous disease is in bone flu, middle ear disease, and its disease. focuses on continuing diseases, and the product may also be fatal. So, if there is no progress in a few days, especially if it suffers from a high fever and that a cough lets it; getting worse, it is essential for a doctor. In children, the journey needs, if their fever falls, they are sleeping, flexible, and discouraged.

Spin, stream …

Transplant viruses are caused by infectious droplets caused by coughing, fluid and talk, and through lazy surfaces with respiratory problems. Herbal herbs can travel up to one meter, so the disease needs to be more closely linked to the virus. However, from a prolonged virus for several hours in a dry mucus on a laird, it can be moved to mucous shades; mouth, nose and eyes by informing the laird of pollution, and can be converted. Illness symptoms that occur several days after taking infection, are shown as chills, fever, dry home, headache, muscles and joint pain, and very tired. Most of the problems will be </ p>; follow within a week, and casualties can take several weeks. The patient has a great influence just before the disease starts and several days after the infection of its fluid (three to five days). Small children produce a lot of the virus, so they are longer infectious, even seven days or more. Even a virus is usually a virus for a patient with a difficult system of protection.

If we become ill, we need to make sure that we do not add our influenza virus to our neighbors, add to the appropriate hygiene practices. When you're casual or not; flow, use a paper machine to cover mouth and nose. After using it, remove it immediately and wash your hands properly. We avoid unnecessary communication with the sick people and stay in the rooms where there are many people. We will ensure that the rooms are properly heated. Wash hands when they are polluted with respiratory emotions. We use our glasses and tools.

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