"If you do not have high-level players, Thomas Bernhard will not" – culture

Thomas Bernhard is very fond of Dusan Mlakar. All the words the director is on the latest production of Slovene Permanent Theater; appears on the dramatic and dramatic account of Austria. In the early 1980s, he was known to the drama writer Peter Turrini. Since then, he has guided five Bernhard texts; Tomorrow in Gorizia's Cultural House has been the main feature of the sixth – Videz vara, which emerges under the Slovene scene under Mlakar's expert. There will be a story about Karl and Robert's older brothers and their debate presence with Ivo Ban and Vladimir Jurc.

"If there are no high-quality personality on the stage, Thomas Bernhard does not run," a & # 39; Mlakar counseling. "I was very fortunate that colleagues had a high level of co-operation at both sides. This time too. As soon as I offered a Wine Fair to the Trieste Theater, I asked if Iva Bana could and Vladimir Jurc. And when they came in, I went to the battle for their first visit. "

Is a player with a thousand times less difficult or easier?

Easier, because I know much about life, it has been through human ability, battles, anti-pronouncing, and # 39; falling in love … A traveler has a lot of knowledge of life, he must just be pulled out of the soul. In a way, it is also a matter of trusting, & # 39; fighting, protecting jobs, but all this is serving the final product so that the product is as good as possible, as long as as possible in the keywords, right. Because every director is looking at the right product with the people who are in a position. take part.

What's Interesting With Thomas Bernhard?

His great fun. Despite having a & # 39; Writing about the sorry, the naughty, the anger among the people, it is turned artfully in humorous, sarcasm, something strange and humorous criticism. There is a special master in this writing.

What about being the leader of the best thing about it?

Relationship between relationships. Find the minute when the relationship is broken. When the relationship is established. When everything is normal, Bernhard's message needs to come to his / her parter.

The main performers of the show are the producers from the time that disappears. What do you see next to today?
Bernhard writes all the time. Bernhard has no history; His texts are not everlasting, because they are weird, ill-haired and gnawed all the time. Bernhard, however, knew how this would be a humorous and personalized attitude to his / her general life, especially the way in which he was " attacking the citizens of Austria, politics and clergy … He has long gone and prevented his execution of his texts in Austria. Although he could not & # 39; to stay in Austria. He moved out, he went to Portugal, to Spain, he was very wealthy he could pay, but he was always returning to Austria. He can not, without this host and be able to; fall in love with this Austria goddamn. (…)

When I led the second Bernhard game, Peter Turrini sent me a message. I asked him if he could play the game, he moved from Austria to Slovenia. I told him: our politicians are as bad as you are, we make the same mistakes … but he said, that is not Austria, and he must be Austria and Austria. And so we did it. Bone without Bernhard – very short, clear, precise, no decoration. He was also very funny, but he always drew a pin that gave you sickness.

The players did not have a friendly relationship …
At the beginning of his career he was very much hated players and did not want to cooperate with them. This is the time when the Viennese Burgtheater has been largely forgotten in terms of its management and method; game, which changed when Claus Peymann came from Bochum. He brought with many players and authors, including Bernhard. Peymann made almost all of Bernhard's terminology, including his / her. Last game, at the end the author appeared on the platform and came into the audience. Heldenplatz game (Heroes Square), where Hitler spoke when he was anchored in Austria. This exhibition was disturbing the Austrians, before the Burgtheater was there, shouting loudly, and the crowd shouted for the show. Well known actors and politicians have encouraged people not to watch those pigs. I was present at first sight and I knew it, and it was a fascinating wonder at the end of the show, when one was called by someone, and others were attracted. That was two years before Bernhard died.

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