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Igor Mikić is allowed to go on holiday

In the fifth exhibition, you'll understand the ten dance pairs that they had to leave a film to the film. If surprising was the longest model and director Igor Mikhic, it was more surprising that he and his companion Valeriya wore from the exhibition.

Igor Mikić and Valeriya Musina have been one of two couples to leave the fifth display. The stars are dancing. PHOTO: Miro Majcen

The fifth major broadcast exhibition The stars are dancingAfter going in the film film, as dancing dances dancing subject points from the well known films, she also surprise that two pairs of pairs were leaving the exhibition. One of them is also Igor Mikićinner Valeriya Musina. "We all have very little that nothing is stopping, after his mathematical calculations, with few of the dance pairs passing through t, "Valeriya, who was unhappy with Igor Mikić," saidWe suspect that something would happen, but we did not think we would have to go home. We were very happy about our point and did many of ourselves, both in training and in the exhibition. But it's a show, and you know what to call: "It must have lots to look at!" and we also.';

The missed demonstrations are given to you at VOYO's dance, on Monday at 12.00 in the signal language. You can also check the language of the sign language on Saturday at 14.40 on POP TV.

Despite admitting Igor and Valeriya immediately that they are disappointed with leaving the exhibition, the stars are dancing, but they do not accept the bad press. "No change, but no disappointment. That's yours. But just as I could see a lot in future exhibitions. We showed progress, but that's it. The judges have a lot of work to do, because all the couples are good, and we will continue to rejoice at our favorite things, not to commit them, but we will continue to follow-on, "said Mikic.

The muscle player Mikić did not hide the disappointment that the dance competition had come to an end. PHOTO: Miro Majcen

When she was asked if she would continue to dance and train even though she left the show, she burnt it: " tIn fact, I lose my fitness greatly. Now, here, one week of the rest, we are thinking ahead."Here, Valeriya laughed:"We may now change position and pass to Igor's fitness room. "

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