In Gorenjska a drinking water source is threatened for over 15 thousand people




"A drinking water supply for more than 15,000 people is in danger." They are so scary to appear in the Environmental Protection Society who have taken lorries in Mežakla that travel along the surface of karst surface, which also includes waste t and building materials.

The excavation has been carried out by a building company near Kranj, upon a nearby farmer's proposal. He wants to extend the farmland by cutting the forest and filling it. But this farm is, as a result of intensive agriculture, one of the people involved in pollution of the water well, which takes water to four urban areas. With the rapid rainfall and the discovery of new waste, environmentalists and the locals are worried about drinking water.

The owner of the land wants to expand the agricultural area, thus jeopardizing an important drinking water resource.PHOTO: Channel A

The Inter-City Inspector of Jesenice warns that the water protection area would have to be extended to Mežakla to protect water effectively, thus preventing the farmer from water hazards.

The Environmental Ministry reported that the adoption of Ovčja jama is set in the landscape of Gorje, and a draft regulations on water protection areas are being prepared. In addition to the recent flooding incident, Slovenian Republic of the Environment and Spatial Planning responded immediately to the request, and the inspector concluded the audit on 9 April. The review process is continuing.

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