In Velenje everything is clear, Kranj and Maribor are unsure

LJUBLJANA – There were 716,504 electors to around 3200 polling stations to elect stewardship and town councilors, which is 42.11 per cent of all voters (1) 1,701,468. In the local elections four years ago, 45% of voters voted together.
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Franc Kangler. PHOTO: Tadej Regent, Work

They won 36 without fighting

The National Electoral Commission continues to collect ballots from each town in Slovenian, but by the end of its vote; votes, 36 men's names were clear, because they did not have any candidates. In 60 towns, only two candidates for their mariner are nominated, means they have one round of elections. In towns where 50% support does not receive, the votes will be reopened on 2 December.

Disruption of election accident
The Ministry of Emergency Service was received within 130 conflicting information on the disaster of the election disaster. On receipt of a notice base, the Inspectors respond to 57 cases.

As stated on the Interior Ministry website, for 73 messages, it was found that there was no breach of the election accident, or that the issues were already dealt with by Case Studies Immigration of Slovak Republic.

In Novo Mesto, Ljubljana's master has won Griogair Macedonian, unofficial results showcase. The GAS candidate was the second Jože Kobe.

Velenje seems to continue to & # 39; running a current mariner Bojan Kontič (SD), it's the second place Suzana Kavaš (SDS).

Judgment with parallel elections, will be & # 39; the victory in Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic, most of the SDS nominee came to the most Log inSouth Westerly

PHOTO AND VIDEO: Example: Look behind Janković headquarters
PHOTO: Reporters have been away from events and gave them cookies

Maribor, Ptuj, Kranj, Nova Gorica, Piran …

The second tour will be held in Maribor, between the old Maribor mariner Franc Kangler (NLS) and entrepreneurs Sašo Arsenovičem (SMC). In addition, a decision will be made in Ptuj with the second visit, in which the SD candidate was pursued after the informal results Нюшка Гайшек there Štefan Čelan, a candidate with support from citizens. The only candidate received just under 28 per cent of the votes, the master's name; Previously, which goes back to the hall to city, after four years of legs, just over 24 per cent. In Nova Gorica they will move in the second round Matej Arčon there Klemen Miklavič, the first received almost 40 per cent of the support, others just under 30 per cent. The current and former senior member will move in Tržič Borut Sajovic there Pavel RuparAfter Post 99.9% of the votes counted, Sajovic won 47.5% of the votes, and Rupar was 19.2 per cent. In Jesenice, the second tour will be selected among its current mariner Tom Tom Mencinger and journalists Blazem RacicIn the West In Piran, they will move into the second round Genoa Zadkovič there Tomaž GantarSouth-West In Slovenj Gradec there will be a second visit: the current warden Andrej Čas He came ashore in the second place, the principal Klugler Tylen He ran out of his first visit.

36 unmarried masters
Bled: Janez Fajfar
Brezovica: Ropret Way
Cerkvenjak: Marjan Žmavc
Dobje: Franc Leskovšek
Dobrovnik: Marjan Kardinar
Gorenja vas-Poljane: Milan Janez Čadež
Beanntan: Patrick Torkar
Hajdina: Stanislav Glažar
Hodoš: Ludvik Orban
Ivančna Gorica: Dusan Strnad
Jezersko: Andrej Karničar
Commendable: Stanislav Poglajen
Kranjska Gora: Janez Hrovat
Križevci: Branko Belec
Ljubno: Franjo Naraločnik
Majšperk: Darinka Fakin
Makole: Franc Majcen
Mežica: Dusan Krebel
Nazarje: Matej Pečovnik
Podčetrtek: Patrick Misja
Polzela: Jože Kužnik
Prevalje: Matija Tasič
Rače-Fram: Branko Ledinek
Radeče: Tomaž Režun
Radlje ob Dravi: Alan Bukovnik
Razkrižje: Ivanusic Stank
Sevnica: Srecko Ocvirk
Sodražica: Blaž Milavec
Sveti Jurij in Slovenske Gorice: Patrick Škrlec
Trnovska goes: Alojz Benko
Velika Polana: Damijan Jaklin
Vodice: Aco Franc Shustar
Soldier: Branko Petre
Vuzenica: Francob Franc
Železniki: Anton Luznar
Harvest: Anton Butolen

Beag in Kranj and Ljubljana, in Solčava, over 80% partnership

Griogair Macedonian. PHOTO: Simon Fajfar

In urban towns, the 35% share, according to the Ministry of Public Administration, was the largest in Novo mesto (47%) and in Slovenj Gradec (43%). Velenje town continued to almost 42% of its partnership and Maribor with 42.5. The smaller villages were in Kranj (29.01) in Ljubljana (30). In Murska Sobota it was 38%, in Nova Gorica 36%, Ptuj 28%, in Koper 39%, in Celje 31%.

Read about local elections on this link.

The largest proportion of 212 towns in the town of Solčava, 84.23%. In the town of Osilnica there were just over 81%, Podvelka town 73% and Cankova 71%.

In towns where 50% support does not receive, the votes will be reopened on 2 December.

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