It has been there for 35 years since a mythical patient died from AIDS

Today, there is HIV infection. If it is found early enough, it will not become an AIDS, which remains the illnesses that affect life. As the disease does not automatically mean that death sentences will be introduced about ten years, today, people are rarely remembered about the symptoms of AIDS or the pandemic. 1980s. Hysteria, especially in the United States, tends to go out of existence, as long as it is necessary even to decide whether the person who had carried the virus to the United States has decided. This is likely to be Canada Gaëtan Dugaswho died this day 35 years ago.

At the time of AIDS's spread quickly, research began into the body before, like many other health issues.

At the time of AIDS's spread quickly, research began into the body before, like many other health issues. It is clear that homosexual men are the most obvious target, because they first saw AIDS and are relatively attractive. The AIDS in Africa, where it was far and wide today, widely spread through sexual relationships; in the early years information was less important. The fearful eras of the African nation were not well known, as there were usually problems with other countries in the countries they were dealing with with the health of the population. In reality, the west media has little interest in health conditions.

The prosecutor was not found for AIDS disease but in a particular group, he was homosexual, but went in detail. Thus, they even found a person who was described in detail and was to bring HIV to the United States, where AIDS was noticed as a result of the disease between people of the west coast. T and in New York first. This person was supposed to have been a attendant of Gaëtan Dugas, a Canadian-speaking Canadian speaker, Quebec.

Since 1972, when Gaëtan Dugas became active in sex, he was only in North America with more than 2500 sexual relations.

A long time ago, he was born in 1953, not a choice. He was heavily involved in sexual activity, as there appear to be hundreds of men appearing sexually every year. Since 1972, when it began to include sex, there were more than 2500 sex relationships in North America alone. More importantly, Dugas worked on planes. This means that he was away every day in other places and, as well as that, he was able to move about free or for some money even in his time. T . In particular, it has been used to develop native species.

The term "no patient" comes from a study by the American Center for Infection Control and Prevention (CDC). In a study of the behavior of homosexual and bisexual men in California and New York, during that period a new but deadly dead disease was evident, the first half of the 1980s found many patients. No, it seems to be a very popular place with Canadian tplants of flight attendants. CPC researcher William Darrowwho investigated issues in Los Angeles, California, as a sign of letter O, which meant he was not from California (out of California).

The research was published in the spring of 1984 in a famous medical journal The American American Medicine magazine. However, at that time, Patient O (the Patient O) had been renamed zero (Patient 0), and with the name given to it in Patient 1. easily into the ear, a myth of a broken pediment, that supported the American Collectors. It seems that he was engulfed during one of his trips to Africa or perhaps in Haiti, where African immigrants infected the disease.

So far, it has already been established that Dugas – as a result of a renal disease due to an AIDS-related disease, has died this day 35 years – is certainly the only AIDS patient in North America. T . There may have been a myth based on the fact that Dugas will tell researchers the names of many of his sexual partners. They recalled that they were indeed getting a treat with him, especially because they had an unusual name and a last name that they had remembered. Participants then signed their names. Since some of our other patients, presumably over a thousand participants, were unable to publish or share their name with CDC researchers, Canada was associated with a high number of non-standard patients. T .

The second and perhaps the most important was the patient's life which was devoted to a very successful book of AIDS disease in 1987.

The second, possibly the most important source of the mythical patient's myth, was a very successful news story. San Francisco Chronicle Randy Shilts The band played on: Politics, people, and the AIDS mud (a caravan is going on: politics, people and the AIDS epidemic) since 1987. There, he criticized the policy of Ceannhead. President of the USA. Ronaldo Reagan, which, as a result of the belief that AIDS is a religious penalty for homosexuals, has been answering late for the duration of the disease, thereby allowing it to spread quickly.

The mud was also homosexual. The declaration that he was infected with HIV after the book's publication in 1987 was confirmed, and in 1994 he died. Much of the book was given to Gaëtan Dugas. He wrote that he was directly or indirectly involved in at least 40 of the first 248 cases of AIDS in the United States and even after he was certain that he was badly injured, he did not back up to his unconscious habits.
With the volume of book leading, Dugas became the major influenceer of AIDS disease among American strangers. The Falls did not prove that Dugas HIV brought to the United States, but wrote that he had an "important part to play in the virus" from one coast in the US to another. Flight Stewart has just published book reports in newspapers for "Kolumba virus", for example, victorious magazines National Review inner Time.

Interestingly, Dugas appeared in our book Somebody to Love: Life, Death and Legacy Freddie Mercury (you need to visit someone: life, death and bequest of Freddie Mercury), a masterpiece of the English rock's premier rock. Queen Freddie Mercury. It was released in 2016, two years before the Bohemian Rhapsody about Mercury and The Queen, which has so far won around 800 million euros and is the most successful life story in history.

There is likely to be a link between a zero patient and the most famous victim AIDS, a leading figure in the religious group Queen Freddie Mercury. PHOTO: Working Documents

In the author's book Matt Richards inner Mark Langthorne find the link between Mercury and Dugas. It seems that the men met several times and it is probable that their commoner even existed. The authors didn't say that the English singer had brought HIV to Canada, but the word was fine. After the book's publication, they agreed that anything would be remembered.

For HIV, it is thought to have developed in Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. A chimpanzees is more likely to be a broken form of the similar virus, which has hunters on animals in the jungle with the cutting of monkeys. Because it takes a long time to develop the disease from the disease, for the reasons mentioned above, no one noticed AIDS in Africa, they passed decades before They found a new unusual illness. Indeed in the west, and not in Africa. AIDS cases have appeared in the United States, even before Dugas even existed on his unique and colorful route. The virus was not confirmed as a driving body in 1983 in France.

In the USA, the first issue most likely of AIDS deaths was recorded in 1969.

In the USA, the first example of AIDS deaths was recorded much earlier. Or at least a real issue. In 1968, a St. Kilda hospital t Louis, in Missouri, Massachusetts, USA joined the 16-year-old Robert Rayford, which has been caused by unusual health problems for two years. The immune system was damaged and died in May 1969 because of pneumonia, and in an autopsy, Kaposi sarcoma was found, rarely found in old people, with the breed t Eastern Europe. Judah or from the Mediterranean.

When AIDS was extended in the 1980s, a free sample of autopsy Rayford samples for HIV were tested for symptoms that had not been explained previously. They found proteins that are common in samples of HIV infection, not the virus itself.

The biggest problem with Rayford is that, if he had died a lot as a result of problems associated with AIDS, where the teenager was never in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, where he had never been seen. awareness of AIDS in the first US, being infected. Louis was then an important center for the international airline TWA. Doctors have believed that Rayford had been a victim of sexual abuse or child prostitution, so it could affect one of the passengers from other parts of the country or travel to the mainland. world. The fact that the boy was hidden was almost withdrawn, but that his uncle had died three years before he had problems such as his own.

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