It is expected that the government and trade unions will sign a Wednesday agreement

The government's conciliation today has come to an agreement with SVIZ school unit craftsmen and two health unions. The struggle for the strike agreement will be scheduled for Wednesday, and these activities will not be held in December, provided by the team of government talks.

Today, the government's party team has agreed with a craft union of staff and craft unions that represent nurses and staff in social care. The strike in those actions, which was announced for the beginning of December, will not, after late talks, the head of the government's conciliation team Patrick PogačarSouth-East "This is the ever-ever government goal," he said.



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The product agreement is to be commenced on Wednesday

The government intends to start a strike agreement with the Slovakia Education, Learning, Science and Culture Trade Union (SVIZ), Health and Social Care and Slovakia and the Union of Union Labor Union of Sweden Wednesday. In the meantime, it is a dialogue with the commissioning of strike committees; is a trade union organization Jakob Počivavšek, today conflict has arisen.

According to Počivavšek, a & # 39; a key issue in how to deal with "the broken relationships that may be caused by the disagreements agreed by the government by some trade unions." That is, the government listens to the arguments of the unions in the school and its health, and in addition to the handling elevations for one or three pay classes that would; relate to the public sector, agree to higher salaries for individual job vacancies and nurses at the most difficult positions.

Today, representatives from the trade union group, led by Jakob Počivavšek, left the talks with a team of government talks after an hour.

Today, representatives from the trade union group, led by Jakob Počivavšek, left the talks with a team of government talks after an hour.
Photograph: STA

According to Pogačar, the company Počivaš now wants additional posts to be registered from their side in the next year. However, according to Pogačar's statements, he does not know how many of them, who they are, and what financial implications would be. He said that the government can not agree such a commitment in the strike agreement.

Pogačar is hoping to take part in the Počivaško trade union group

Pogačar, however, is still hoping that this band will also listen to government arguments and other trade union organizations. "In this way, we can ensure that public servants get higher salaries as early as January 1, and that's just what we are most depressing," Pogačar stressed, saying that only a group Pokivavšek alone who stopped them. A majority of union justice is required to implement the agreement, as a quorum needs the changes in the general agreement for the public sector.

President of the Health and Social Care Union Zvonko Vukadinovič He stated that there are two contracts for the effectiveness of this general agreement: the first with the number of trade unions, the second with the membership number. The second situation is that the Slovenia Public Sector Trade Unions Alliance, which includes both Health and Social Security Unions, met, Vukadinovic said.

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The government offered higher improvements for night work, Sundays and holidays

He also said that they would invite other representatives from trade unions, who also represent staff in health and social care, to sign the agreed agreement. As he said, they have reached an agreement, which will also give the staff a great deal. The words, they did not get everything they wanted, but they agreed to those solutions that are reasonable.

At payroll increases, they also agree to increase some allowances for night work, holidays and Sundays, as well as a higher holiday for those who receive a minimum or lower salary, so that they can get around 200 eud this year. It is estimated that the salary agrees and what would be done; All around 300 million euros correspond to the public sector according to unofficial information.

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Sharec stressed that it is policing

However, the government invited each strike union group to take part in late afternoon discussions. In addition to the Pokivvask group, the two police unions did not; attending. The members of the last have been stormy since October, but today they have made the strike worse worse with more detailed trucks.

Prime minister Marjan Šarec Before the afternoon's arrangements, he said the police realized that they would try to solve as well as possible issues. According to Šarč, one of the government's principal actions was also amended by law in relation to its budget implementation, and must be accepted at the government Thursday session, and then in the National Assembly, so that it could come into effect on January 1. As Sharac describes, the law also has a & # 39; Specify the level of lump sum and pension for pensions.

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