It is not until Gogius returns to Ljubljana

His recent arrival on Dallas which Dallas has attracted to Gorana Dragić is the result of more than 2,000 Slovenian fans, and led the first time with the national team squad. a well-known player, but precious in the fight for the NBA playoffs. A citizen of Ljubljana, who is not in love with the city, does not want to return home in April.

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Doncian's greatest actor, Dallas, with no big surprise from Slovenia #video



Everything is clear in the West. The Gold State, Denver, Houston, Portland, Utah, Clippers LA, SA Spurs and Oklahoma City are fighting for the playoffs before the last NBA games. LeBron James this trip with LA Lakers, for the first time since 2006, has remained constant for the best eight. This one was not also available in his christening season Luko Doncic. And Dallas has avoided the worst of the conference, and for the chance of a season's extra season, a brand new star of the world's Ljubljana must wait for another year.

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The East Conference will have more differences, where five clubs (Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, and Indiana) already have any place in the playoffs; five (Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland and New York) do not have other theoretical opportunities for promotion; and the peter chooses three free places between the eight. As well as Miami, who are now able to count on it Gorana Dragica, this is Detroit, Brooklyn, Orlando and Charlotte.

Doncic will finish the season in mid-April. What about Dragic?

Doncic will finish the season in mid-April. What about Dragic?
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"Each game counts"

"Every game counts. We will not be looking at other competitions in the battlefield. We need to be successful," Dragic thinks, with his two strengths. T the last in Miami, showcases. After the double Dallas problem, he made ten points and the game will have ten help against New York. "I know what problem I have," said the NBA who is 32 from Ljubljana. "I have to involve my colleagues," said an old NBA, 32 years of age.

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The seventh Slovenian, and its first Adriatic club?

He comes to Ljubljana, not in April

"The last two games have shown that we need to be tough on defense for impact, we have begun this stage twice and have only improved in the latter half," said Gogi, which still remains. playing with his knee, but prove that it is finished at the end of the season. This man was very short to him. He played only 30 of the 76 games, and this is why he is not particularly up to Ljubljana this year. He wants to finish it.

The 2018/19 season has Dragic average: 14.1 points, three dolphins and 4.5 help.

The 2018/19 season has Dragic average: 14.1 points, three dolphins and 4.5 help.
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They are not counting the competitors to the competition

"Nobody can take anything for us. We need to do our own work and not have been counting for the competitors in the final battle," said Miami's coach Erik Spoelstrahe is glad that his club is currently at the eighth place of the East Conference. But because the differences are small, every effect really counts. All games. Miami has been in his calendar, starting with a double counting against Boston.

Match the end of the season
2. 4 .: Boston
4. 4: Boston
6. 4 .: Minnesota
7. 4 .: Toronto
10. 4 .: Philadelphia
11. 4. Brooklyn


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