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Janša over Erjavec; This time with disappointment

Police officers named Gorenjska yesterday uncommon voice. On the road near Nakla, a 19-hour machine was found on Thursday.

"The owner should have adverts with the evidence of ownership of Kranj traffic police station," Kranj Police said.

The news was also shared on Facebook, where he met a lot to answer.

The leader of the challenge was also on TV Janez JanšaHe then asked the news only "Karl Erjavec?"

Jansa, hereby, seems to have had a dispute; He had his wife with the skipper; before Špelo Pretnar due to the washing machine. Pretnar and Erjavec have a common compartment with a laundry machine at & # 39; defense minister and, despite the demands of the previous wing, he did not want to retire. This right was sought in court, which was ruled that Erjavec had to be removed.

Urška Hrovat Špela Pretnar Jure Košir

The skipper wants his minister


Minister of the sheriff located Erjavec

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