Jennifer Lawrence is involved in the gallery

Lawrence was nominated three times for the Oscars, and won for her work in the Silver Plateau Games in 2012. Photograph: AP

A 28-year-old Victorian Marcar in Raoul, a 34-year-old French restaurant in New York, is a romantic dinner, awareness of clothes "big winter ring"South Westerly

"The diamond was big. They seemed to be marked, but obviously people were talking about it,"said particular sunlight to Page six. "The ring was very obvious. They sat behind him in the corner, and she had a beautiful black cloth with white dots."

In the last few days, their visibility in love looked at New York Town walks.

Coming less than a year

To find her actress with Maroney, director of New York Art Gallery, he came in June, and met by a common friend.

Since then, they have been seen many dates on dates, they have not been hiding at the front of their public.

In August they went on a romantic journey to Paris and Rome, and in September Maroney Lawrence joined them New York's new attempt of the film I preferSouth Westerly

In the film, Jennifer is a British actor Nicholas Hoult, and one of her best friends, Emma Stone. At his first sight, he was also another companion of the local actress, the director Darren Aronofsky.

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