Kobal Журнал24 gave an amazing failure

Members of the board of directors Šentjakob decided the decision unanimously.

On Friday afternoon session they are members of the Šentjakob theater board Boris Kobal, who had been proven to prove to be thieves, unanimously agreed unimaginably to his / her employment charter and to be able to; Early recall from a director's role, reciting from the theater.

Kobal translation works of foreign author, comedy La prova generale the Italian author Alda Nicolaja, and with some textual changes, he gave him an original authoritative commissioner and sent him to a public competition for his first Swedish comedy and won the competition to the extent to which SLG Celje had worked achieve this. "The behavior described has been found and is assessed in the cultural and other public as it can not be taken, misleading and informal and, according to our estimation, every sign of crime, " write them in the theater.

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Boris Kobal has respected the Celje theater

"The real negative image of Kobalo in the general and professional public, which as a result of its previously described behaviors, has begun to adversely affect the image, reputation and public position of the house Šentjakob game in the public and professional, as well as the topics in which they perform their communications activities, " the decision was clarified in the theater.

The theater put pressure on the case they were not familiar with. Publishes public newsletters by Kobal's behavior. This behavioral effects also have a & # 39; hit them, because they have received negative messages from visitors, they stopped playing the concert, which also has a host; mean business damage.

The Šentjakob theater escapes from Boris Kobal's activities, is convicted of it and, of course, it was strong for this, write it. "Any connection of this activity can be dangerous and dangerous below moral and other levels of culture and life in general," write them.

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Boris Kobal shouted for his keyboard

They resigned, but he refused them

The head of the theater management and management board has asked Kobala to ask members of their organizations to explain their actions and to do so; complaining on her behalf. They also asked to warn the public that this was done with the theater and unknown. He did not.

They also retired to retire from the director's position, but he refused the claim or did not. He expressed on conditions that could harm the living and performing the drama, they explained.

Kobal: "I've made it hard in trouble"

Boris Kobal responded last week to arrive in January. He spent his task for the personal disagreement he received. "You feel that you've been swept away, I'm going to put on my life to this job, even at the cost of those who criticize it. But this is not totally wrong. counting. And in this disagreement, I did the best in my life: I put a record for someone else's work. I'm not excused, and I will give all the effects to him,"he wrote.

After retiring, Charles Celje returned a criminal complaint against Kobalo and asked for a refund to his / her tax as a author; comedy is controversial.

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Makarovičeva nad Kobala: "The sticks returned like herpes"

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