Lavrich through a bicycle video game to a professional contract

Ljubljana – Let's leave the first one – Zwift is a very enjoyable video game in the world of cycling, where a rider binds his bike to the train with her; his computer and then drives the pedals in the sitting room in the actual reality of the race with other riders from around the world. Zwift became an essential tool for winter riders in a few years, and for Martin Lavric it grew much larger than an interesting training session.

For the second year, Zwift organized, in conjunction with a professional team from the Data Series World Series, a competition where cyclists moved in a series of challenges in real truth, and the three The best to a highly trained training camp in South Africa. "live" to the advanced Tension Date.

There too, they did a number of tests, but after their return, Lavrič was not a bigger 19 year old, because he had no better day. Despite this, the drive seemed to be good enough that Dimension Dati chose to make a contract with the team of riders up to 23 years for the next season.

"My brothers were fulfilled, I put in for their competition, as I hoped the final awards would be small, so I can get a new smart train. I already know in races on the mainland level, but this is a completely different thing, I look forward to this opportunity, "said Lavrič, who comes to the door of the mainland, world.

"We're sure Martin can be a good rider, he has a great climber, and if he does, he'll wait for a place in WorldTouro," said Dr.Dati Eliot Lipski's physical runner-up riders. For Lavrič, to protect this year's color of Carniolan club, a new chapter begins, and the types of Slovenianis campaigners will receive a new ball in the future season.

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