League of Nations (LIVE) – Bulgaria: Slovenia (20.45) *

Sofia – In front of Slovakian football players, the final chapter is a bacteria case of the newly-developed League of Nations. In the sixth visit of Group 3 of the third class, the election of the election will be selected Igor Benedejčič (starting at 20.45), and they would not be successful in & # 39; make sure their current competition was not over. It is clear, as the last group in the # 39; their organization, they completely fall on the European platform between the Gibraltar class, Andorra and Liechtenstein.

If they do not do so, then, the Slovans are now, when it is not longer than the smallest weight on their shoulders, and a little more absorbed by their & # 39; first advantage in this competition. After three crimes after each other, our boys in the last two settlements against Cyprus and Norway have entered into a haul, but they still remain the only team in Lithuania in the third class that win. Today would benefit especially mentally and interestingly.

Benedejčič's choice can not count on players even losing the number of players not in comparison with the state case by Vikings Domna Črnigoja, Andraž Šporar (instead of him, he may get the chance of the attack Robert Beric) and keeper Aljaz Ivacic, which will be replaced by the Gorizia network guard in the framework Greek SorčanOn the other hand, on the other hand, after the redemption of his red card, and # 39; first creative producer Josip Iličić, which also gives the skipper failure Benjamin Verbicha, he spent only Saturday.

In the first breakdown in September in Stožice, there were three points – to despite unconcerned games – looking forward to Bolgari with a 2-1 victory. "I hope that this time will be returned, that is, we will be better and we will win. In the last race, we want full revival, because We do not want to end the League of Nations without winning. So, for our invaders, a duel, even without a competition, is very important, " The Beric shout. Even the most important Bulgarians will fight for their & # 39; First place in the group with Vikings. They have 10 points in their pocket, and they both winning in one balance after once (1: 0) and lost, so there is a difference in the evenings, so it is expected that Bulgarians attack the Slovenian side – as is (at the same time) of Norway vs. Cypress.

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