Live: the eagles of Sweden second place much better, Jelar named an interesting day

Bor Pavlovčič, formerly Peter, Jernej Damjan and Žiga Jelar in Lahti, Finland. protect the Slovenianis colors at the World Cup skipper skirt team race. It started at 16.30.

If Tim Zajc, who is testing equipment in Slovakia before the World Championship, does not fall into the national team of Slovenian in the team race in Lahti.

Bor Pavlovčič, Patrick's Foreword, is that the tickets for a Sunday special match, Jernej Damjan and Žiga Jelar have not lost tickets.

In the first batch of cluttered wings

Leap Pavlovčič, the first group, dropped at 114 meters and Slovenia moved to seventh place. Previously, Patrick was worse, jumping 111 meters, and Sloucester was away from the dolphins in the second set of legs. The situation was corrected slightly by Jernej Damjan (118 meters) in the third group. Slovakia jumped to fifth. Žiga Jelar, 114 meters, convinced that the team in the finals, where he would try to develop the seventh place.

In the first row, the Russians and Vikings finished the game.

Is it better?

In the second part, Pavlovčič carried out his performance from the first row, landing at 115.5 meters. Former Patrick, who landed at 121 meters, was his strongest performance. Jernej Damjan also showed a second jump in the second row, landing at 122.5 meters. An interesting day, when a game is played in Lahti, Jelar said, jumping 125.5 meters. This time the Sloinneadh fled.

Lahti, team game, 2 series:

Series 1:

Žiga Jelar tired leap


Through the qualifications at five Slovak points, the range for Prevca

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