Liverpool came back to the top of the list, Manchester United jumped to fourth place

Liverpool football players have returned to the top of the English competition after a huge victory over Bournemouth (3: 0). Arsenal played their favorite role in the last Huddersfield, by Jon Gorenc Stanković a & # 39; washed up, and Manchester United was aired; crossing Fulham plans in London. Manchester City will host Chelsea on Sunday in the Etihad derby.

Earlier meeting of the 26th tour of the Premier League in London, where Fulham tried, fight for a break, break the brilliant series of Manchester United. He did not succeed. Red Devils has reached the tenth impact in the last 11 matches in each competition.

Sergio Ramos, Jan Oblak


A powerful series of Jan Clouds stopped for 77 days, Branko Ilić went out for a new club

After a "quiet" Saturday there will be a reel on Sunday. Initially, Tottenham will wait for Leicester Town, Manchester City will have a long time. entertaining Chelsea in the best visit to Etihad.

Best Shooters:

17 – – Salah (Liverpool)
15 – Aubameyang (Arsenal)
14 – Agüero (Man City), Cannes (Tottenham),
12 – Hazard (Chelsea), Mane (Liverpool)
11 – Pogba (Man United)

1 – – Jon Gorenc Stankovic (Huddersfield)

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