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Lufthansa is a lawsuit over a much paid passenger who has enjoyed many years for a trick

At the heart of the story, the aircrafts airport produces many aircraft for airplane with multiple stops less than one year with one destination without any difference, reports Non-independent, which was also proven as "deceit". If the passenger wanted to travel between Moscow and Paris in September 2019, it would cost a little less than 250 euros. But if I bought a ticket linking Moscow – Paris – London, it would cost only 82 euros. In doing this, I can make a decision that can only take part in the year to go to; link Paris and London. On his trip, he would come less than one third of the price of the direct route.

An example in which Lufthansa asks an unidentified traveler to already pay cash in the # 39; where they decided to support the traveler, but Lufthansa was submissive. For such a mix, a larger number of passengers are coming to a decision, with specific websites that help them to work out the best combination of destinations if one of the aircraft off.

There may be more problems when you use trick

As stated Non-independentHowever, when you use this trick, there may be more problems. Another can be more common when passengers are choosing to; avoid the first part of their route. For example, if a passenger bought a ticket for a trip to Dublin – London – New York, he is really keen to travel only from London to New York. When a passenger passengers arrives in London, it may happen that the ferry company made the entire trip because the passenger did not appear for their first flight. Selected passengers may not appear during the last year of the trip, for example, their luggage, however, arriving at the final destination. "Tariff advocates" are familiar, as some media are calling, traveling only with luggage that can carry them on board a plane.

Other air passengers regularly provide regular warning to passengers that they may qualify for additional payments when they are in receipt of a " exploiting these customs. British Airways, for example, warns that passengers need a difference in paying prices if they change travel without agreement, and that there is a cost for its transportation; Following as a result of being higher than first paid. Despite this, Lufthansa is one of the best known locations in which a passenger is punished for such execution. That's why Lufthansa wants to set an example and prevent people from this practice. Passengers are not affected by low air passengers in this type of activity, because they will be able to do so. costing jackets by section.

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