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On Sunday night, they played ten matches in the basketball league competition in North America. The campaigns Luka Dončić hit – Golden State Warriors with Dallas.

Dallas Mavericks

they went into the fourth consecutive impact after they were going to play their NBA campaigns at the American Airlines Center –

Golden State Warriors

(112: 109).

Goran Dragić



The Dragic series will last and continue. take time

Dallas eventually entered the fourth victory, after 15 matches he won the seventh prize and eight choruses. Play Warriors without

Stephen Curry


Draymonda Greena,

they recorded the second term loss.



In 36 minutes, 24 points were kept on the floor (9/20, 3/8, 3/8, 9 rebounds and 4 support), he had lost three members. He has a & # 39; First soldier at Teličkov, he was also excellent at an important time. Doncic started and started 10 of the first points 14 in Dallas. Zablestel is also in the last minutes. At the 107: 108 conclusion, the guests finished the progress, and then, with 110: 108 results for the home team, he jumped inside the ring and made two a free trip after the Warriors made a personal mistake.

"In the last few minutes, I've just been thinking about how to win our game. We have lost formal, we hit the campaigns and I am delighted that we succeeded. We fought well in defense, "

after the meeting, Doncic said.

The star is the arrowman's & # 39; best of the meeting

Kevin Durant

(32 points), but in the last verse he only collected three points. He helped him in the attack

Klay Thompson

(22), but both were inconsistent in the last minute, when Durant lost twice, once. A little smaller than Doncic was built by a second-time dealer

Harrison Barnes

(23), although four of their partners had a digital number.

It was just another Dallas event over Golden Stat in the last 19 meetings; them. The second one was in the end of December 2015, which was one of nine games in the regular season lost by the Warriors team.

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with 122: 119 affecting it

Charlotte Hornets,

Even for the second team the 60 pound record (achieved in game 21:34, free of charge 12:12)

Kemba Walker,

because it was so tidy in the extra time

Jimmy Butler.

It's just this week he came from Minnesota; 15.7 seconds before Met Walker (119: 119) stopped the next part of the game, and three decades before the end were scored with thirteen positive.

LeBron James

(22 points) together

Lakers Los Angeles

A series of four winners finished, with 130: 117 winning the team

Orlando Magic,

in which he was a Montenegrin was very effective

Nikola Vučević,

which 24 out of the 36 points out in the second half and had 13 reactions.

NBA, scores:

Dallas Mavericks

– Golden State Warriors

112: 109

Luka Doncic 24 points (9/20), nine concepts, four helped 36 minutes for Dallas.

Brooklyn Nets –

Clia Los Angeles 119: 127

Charlotte Hornets –

Philadelphia 76ers 119: 122 *

Indiana Pacers

– Atlanta Hawks



Pelicans Orleans

– Denver Nuggets

125: 115


– Los Angeles Lakers

130: 117

Boston Celtics –

Utah Jazz 86:98

Chicago Bulls –

Torronro Raptors 83: 122


– Sacramento Kings

132: 112


Oklahoma City Thunder 100: 110


– after extension

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