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Matjaž Ropret

9 February, 2019 at 11:14

LG has no doubt that technology is better than a resource. After that, it sells it well to many manufacturers of telephones, televisions and other products. There is very little a business company with its phones. It may be a bit wrong, because at least at higher levels, as a rule, they offer very high prices for their & price. The most of the competition, which is also true for the new ThinQ V40, is not so attractive.

At least one feature is that this phone is completely out of question. To do it better, it stood out when it was presented at the beginning of October. At that time, there were five picture lenses, three behind and two ahead, something special. Good, even four months later, when the V40 came on in Slovenia, it's still, but we've seen other phones with a lot of different camera. But about what value and quality this photographic diversity brings, a little later. However, it is reasonable for a couple of minutes to be activated outside their & # 39; phone first. Until the merchant handles his hands and what he looks at.

At first sight, the word would appear to be so famous and slightly more expensive than that
key competitors. But I think this is a misconception, which is a. are small
design without spot. The metal frame is and the rear side is expected to be
glass, but perhaps with a kind of treason, and so it seems to be less than a reputation.
But the strength looks good and I like the phone without going to; pulled out of the hand. No
At least, it's even wider than some of the competitors just, a
however, the size of the object is still not drawn out. But it's a really interesting thing. Depending on the specifications
It's not so small, but the weight is lost in the palm, which looks good at one side
format. So the V40 is very beautiful.

The big screen is very clear and very clear. LG is continuing to & # 39; Starting with the ThinQ G7, at that time with the LCD, that the light of the screen can be "completed" over the term for a while. Cost consuming a battery, but for better visibility of the sun. In winter, this is not necessary, but in summer it can be useful. In terms of colors and differences, it is difficult to measure this display with the best, but it is better than the LG to enter the V30 and deliver it to Pixel 2 XL for Google . It is difficult, however, because there has been no high use of proof (QHD stretching) to show more content, since everything on the screen is very high.

the partner of the great and high quality exhibition has been the speakers in the phones.
Multimedia is one of the most important issues. If the picture and the sound are with the "tube"
Netflix and other streaming services are compiled in a beautiful way, this can be
In most situations to replace the machine with a larger screen. LG is also there
Follow it on the path that it was set up with the G7, which re-installs its use to & # 39; deal
for bass strengthening. It's good for music and it's not much welcome
talk, which can be so clear about this. The phone is always a bit
changing, and not the best measure. I would like to see it as a model of others
makers worked on wider help from the senior speaker, as possible
The lower one will include larger functions of wavelength (not necessarily needed), and the tallest
Increased higher frequency, and even higher, can be all together.

in terms of
batteries LG phones had never been a championship, but they did well,
V40 does not leave it. One tax will be up to one and a half times of a major case
use, but because there is a radio charge, it is not a problem every time
time to remove the appropriate charger for the construction of these thirty-two
per cent, and then stock is up there enough when electricity is not available. As soon as
I do not know the money that is filled with a & # 39; Charger provided since it was not at all
In case, it is interesting for my taste to be the easiest solution.

Android 8.1 was running, and when "Pita" came, I do not know. They are awful
make it feel that it is now very hard, uncertainty
a consumer that would have to be downloaded earlier and we often meet in
other posts. You may still be able to show a & # 39; subject a bit and, for example
to add, at least, to select small images and other elements. But
This is the first time I do not know how many years I did not realize the need for LG
started to phone. Yeah, I lost finger spinning work
Now add it to this just to get into the advocacy section, everything
The rest is still older, with real keys on the screen. Bad move to date
Movements and gestures seem to come with the G8 and V50. The application is a picture for me
It seems like it is in line with what Google offers in Android's basic. Still
Especially the ability to focus on the screen, you can immediately go with the new one
By clicking on the image that is displayed; appearing in the same place, you also take pictures, it's fine

in terms of
Astar I do not have much to lose words. The Snapdragon 845 process is over
A piece of thumb, everything goes fast, some do not. wait but at the beginning of his phone,
the operation is very smooth. We have been on high level telephones for a year now
we have exceeded the end of your ability to use everyday usage.
In fact, how fast are there pictures, night modes and so on
games, machine learning and artificial knowledge, network connection speed
and still, for the system itself, opening requests and the change between them
A more powerful memory process than enough.

Near the camera of five cameras, LG was tall and fully covered. Part partially appropriate and in general no. The camera offers many opportunities, flexibility and appearance, artistic presentation, but quality is slightly lower behind the best. In particular, data and quality are in average low light. Light or sound appears rapidly and LG has not yet improved an evening mode. This will be essential this year if they want to stay in the game. A key and two different points are in a useful self-visual camera and, fortunately, the quality of a broader area and television is not much worse than the main one. Therefore, the user can replace any focus – I recommend one of the centralized steps based, and some intermediate quality is not – and it always looks like a similar quality and relatively satisfactory. There is also a way in which the phone itself generates a motif with the three lenses and its; make a short video from these three rushes. The face is sometimes useful for changing to a wider perspective. So with the V40, the V40 offers a lot. After everything, it's also a handy way and a photographic with artificial knowledge. It is likely that the first one will be used by those who know why, and the rest will be left alone. Although most AI is praised for reasons where there is not even extreme color intensity or harassment even & # 39; s. I talk to & # 39; photographies of food, and possibly animals and something else, or so I am going to; I think the images are without a more natural and more beautiful comedy understanding to my eyes.

Most of them
The above thing is particularly true for flickering, even though its & # 39; smaller play video. Light Heavy Extreme
There are only two options of pockets, or it's all about moving around
spectrum, but it is obvious that it promotes the user to be able to; burn
largely at its basic idea. The quality of video is correct and also
Options for normal preferences are good, but just for recording this
I did not buy the phone.

At the end, both from the view is that it is easy to use and the V40 is like a phone that is; offer and enable many. It's a reasonably priced purchase, a little cheaper than the other reporters, with just five lenses, and may have done something.

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