Marquez with hats at the same time in Argentina, Rossi and Dovi

Marc Marquez won the race for VN Argnetine on the Termas de Rio Hondo races. World heroes are driven from start to finish. The second prize was won by Valentino Rossi, who last visited Andreo Dovizios, who was in third place.

The top three players in the race for Argentina. Marc Marquez (center), Valentino Rossi (left) and Andrea Dovizioso (right).PHOTO: AP

Twenty-five rounds of the long race began from the best starting point Mark Marquezand you got a little amount of benefit immediately Andreo Doviziosom. It was also a good start Valentine Rosiwho completed the third tour in the first round. It's bad start Maverick Vinaleswho won the fifth place and in the sixth year he won the race last year Cal Crutchlow. In Russia, pressure began in the second run as it did in the fourth place Jack Miller, which is always good on the Termas de Rio Hondo.

He also successfully started the race Franco MorbidelliThe fourth song was in the fourth. In the meantime, Rossi fell to the fifth, the Commonwealth of Morbidelli, which was also in third place. In the sixth visit, Marquez continued to lead the game, with more than four seconds ahead, the second was Dovizioso, and Rossi, who were among the fastest in the search, t third. In the same tour already Rossi made up by stopping Dovizios and later went on a different footsteps, but he soon made a mistake and lost the other. Dovi.

For the third time in his career, Marc Marquez won the motoGP class in Argentina.PHOTO: MotoGP

After half the race, the power ratio had not changed. Marquez was still wise. In the second round of battle, it was shown to Russia who had the hopes of Dovizios and Morbidelli. 12 tours before the end, Dovizioso took a turn on the strength of Ducati and overtook the nine-hero hero in the world and again took second place. He was a liar again Jorge Lorenzo, who, after nearly fourteen cars, had fallen in the 15th century. In the fourth battle, Danilo Petrucci went over to Miller and Morbidelli, and he went hunting in Ross, but Franco did not give up.

Marquez went very easily to the goal, won for the first time in the season, and overall for the third time in Argenita, and with this victory it became the race racer of the most successful. T for the Argentina races. The second prize was won by Valentino Rossi, who in the last tour of Dovizios burned. Fourth was Miller, the fifth and the sixth Petrucci. In the final tour, Vinales and Morbidelli had some empire and they rushed at the edge of the race course. As a result, Marquez is also a new leader of the global competition, who has four points ahead of Dovizios, the third Rossi man, who is 14 points in the background.

It got faster in the background Alex Rins, which, despite poor qualifications, has already reached a sixth place. Seven laps before the end, Marquez had more than 12 seconds ahead of Dovizios, who were still successful in the second time against Rossi attacks. The fourth was Petrucci, the fifth row, sixth Miller, the seventh Morbidelli, the eighth. Takaaki NakagamiAnd the ninth Vinales and the tenth Fabio Quartararo.

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In the final visit Valentino Rossi beat Andreo Dovizios in second place.PHOTO: MotoGP

Baldassarri wins another award this year
Twenty-two long series rides are to be won Xavier Viergebefore it started. That's now, the bicycle has been switched off at the time of the heating he couldn't get on again. It could be technical failures on his motorcycle, but the Spanish, who won the best place in Argentina, did not win the second time. It started with the best starting point Marcel Schrötterwhich also retained this leadership. He ran to the other place Remy Gardnerand the third Alex Marquez. It's bad start Sam Lowes, came from third to fifth.

In the second round, Gardner took the first leg in the race and took a few meters ahead of him. In the nine tours, Schrötter and the Marquez captured the Australians and began to fight the Argentine actor. In the 11th visit, the three most prominent also came Lorenzo Baldassarri, which regularly took advantage of overcoming these races. He was not even long Brad Binderwho were the fifth in the race. t Eleven years before his head, Schrötter came in for the helm, the other Marquez fell Gardner to third.

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Five tours were taken over by last Gardner, then Qatar Baldassarri, the second Schrötter, and the fourth was Marquez. Four rounds before the head, Gardner made a mistake, Baldassarri took command, and Schrötter jumped to the other. In the last few cases, as many as five or six referees were in the game, no decision had yet been made. In the last wrapers, Italy benefited greatly and without a problem they were able to identify another award in this season, which had increased the benefit to the World Cup, Tom Lüthihe did not win points, and Schrötter was sixth. Gardner welcomed the second, followed by the third by Alex Marquez.

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Masia is going to have a big impact on Moto3
Indeed, the racon opened the Sunday Sunday racers, where the best start for the first time was in post, which began the race. Jaume Masia. There are 21 better turns of the long race than the Spanish started Tony Aroblinoinner Canan AronHe immediately set off in front of Masio and started work for the first time. t In the opening rounds, it was much faster on the Termas de Rio Hondo race course Gabriel Rodrigolaunched the race from the 13th place only, but has already arrived in the fifth position in the opening rounds. Thirdly, he is in the fourth round Ajumu Sasakileading Masio, who made very good use of the first strip and took control of the race.

In Argentina, for the first time in his career, Jaume Masia entered the highest stair.PHOTO: MotoGP

A further 11 preliminary rounds have been completed by Arbolino, with no status for the prize, winning the runner winner winning the same tour. T Kaito Tobainvolved in an accident Iain MacPheeinner Alonso Lopez. The last two fell two, and Japan followed the race, but they let everything go to 17 places. Six finals before, more than 10 racers were still in the game, who would always swap their careers. For a time he guided Arbolino, but then Rodrigo took him over and Canet was heading for the time. He was also involved in the struggle to influence Darryn Binder.

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The effect of the final cycle, where it first failed, was decided Lorenzo DallaPobag, who came into the first and last round. Then Rodrigo, Masira, Binder and Arbolino then won the prize. Rodrigo's home team made a mistake at the last merger and struck Binder's last runner-up which Masia benefited from and enjoyed the first career break. Before that in a moto3 class that wasn't standing on the site of the winners. The second one was at the end of Binder, and the second was Arbolino. Starter winner Toba won the tenth place and Rodrigo's favorite thing was to go through the sixth place.

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