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Miami na Slovene: just a few hours to pay for Doncic vs. Dragic

Luka Doncic's Slovenian football star used at the time before the NBA football match tonight in Miami's homecoming against the Heat home team that it was no longer more likely to get a new person's title to the year. He also said that we must wait until the end of the game to respond to the winner of Gogy's game. We will share this with a live commentary on our website (00.30). She is also a special musician in Miami.

Now that it is clear that Dallas cannot now be in the finals, it is difficult for Luka Dončićpriznava to discover the motivation to the end of the season, but this is for the worse. a game with the team. Gorana Dragica Miami does not apply. Doncic still has a basketball ball, as in training, and he travels too much of the headlines or statistics.

He noted that many Slovenian people came to Miami for the game and so he is very happy about it. Despite that, he said that meetings with Slovenian fans would not follow the game, as he had rejected the game "going home direct to Dallas".

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"Certainly, something interesting will be, because I play against Gogy. I heard that there were many Slovenians here, I saw yesterday. Thanks, everyone, for coming,"said Doncic, who confirmed that Dragic was hearing and seeing not only on the floor."I did not think I had visited this trip and I am very thankful that I am like Slovenia and all of us. Not only me, but also Gogia, t"Doncic said, he was always talking."


Dallas will be in attendance tonight as well as Miami, who still gets access to the playoffs. Nevertheless, there will be no mercy. "We try to win every game, but if another team has to win or notDoncic added: "Doncic recommended Dallas's coach before the match." Doncic recommended Rick Carlisle, who said it would be necessary to win the next season next year, as Dončić does not like jobs. Miami Heat did not have any training during the game with Dallas and Goran Dragic was not available for media inquiries. The Slovenian Chinese cheerle team has a conversation and recording today for sports television ESPNbecause the Americans also realized that something strange is happening. There are so many Slovenians in Miami that were never before.

In today's informal Slovenes Miami collection, in Rakija Lounge, an exhibition of Slovenia will be held with wine and food. From there it goes to the game, and after the game back.


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