Novo Brdo: & # 39; The Fund has been requesting us from illegal mining & # 39;

Director Rafael Marija Možina in response to our questions, he said that the documents that were prepared by the Palestinian Republic Housing Housing Fund were assuming that the excavation material had to be treated as a construction waste. As excavations show that clay and gravel are; In the main part of the extra excavation, according to the law there is raw material of non-metal, it was therefore necessary to obtain the appropriate agreement and pay; reduced fee.

At the meetings, Remec revealed an application to continue to work without permission

Director of the property Črtomir Remec Even though the Fund did not provide for a & # 39; obtaining appropriate administrative tasks, they should continue to: "As Črtomir Remec, MSc, said several times, he said that Rafael, doo, continues to work without receiving relevant documents, we would like to say that excavations and removing mineral resources without being licensed. "

This is, according to Mozin "Unlawful mineral workers who could potentially destroy damage and criminal liability."

"The withdrawal of their contract is deducted from their mode, and as a result also as a result of the bank" s complaint, " the director of his / her contractor is to finish.

The Housing Fund disappeared from the contract with Rafael

Remembering, & # 39; the Residents' Property claimed it from the construction contract with Rafael because of its declaration and that the contractual duties were fulfilled. They also provided a procedure for obtaining a bank guarantee. The Asset will now be assessed to & # 39; damages and reimbursement of the contract application.

Work on the Neighborhood Novo Brdo project, with 18 buildings with 498 rooms designed, with 25 being provided with 522 parking spaces, which started in mid July in July. Among them, it was said that Rafael would work out before the end of July and to protect the building center.

You can get Rafael's full answer here.

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