Parallel Elections: Jankovic sank down with his #foto # live competition

Zoran Janković received 58.3% of the votes in local elections, while his main competitors, Anže Logar, 31.7 per cent, were in line with the parallel results of the Dnevnik le Ninamedia election; kept. will count on live votes.

Zoran Jankovic they appear to have been re-won in the first round of elections of a lovor in Ljubljana, despite his / her; a lawsuit, according to a linear selection for Ninamedia for Dnevnik each day. Log in with a good 31 per cent of the votes to get the best out of the challenges that were; formerly at Janković. According to the results of the parallel elections, the remaining eight received only ten percent of the votes.

According to Jankovic, after the results have been identified, the results showed that Ljubljana people continue to want to improve their predecessor. The results show that Ljubljana people want an open space, loyalty and well, he said.

Logar did not want to comment on the parallel elections, he just said he was content because more people came to the polls than in previous elections.

Local elections.


We count on votes: who winner is in the # 39; your community # live





He also won the list of Zoran Jankovic

The list of Zoran Janković received 43.2 per cent of votes, the SDS 16.8, Levica 11.8, SD 5.7 per cent, the results of parallel elections.

We count live (counting 0.09% of votes):

Zoran Jankovic (List of Zoran Jankovic) 26.56%

Anže Logar (SDS)


Milan Jakopovic (Levica)

Mihael Rihar (Against Sophia)

Smiljan Mekicar (good condition)

Joseph Jarh (SED)

Dragan Matic (SMC)

Tomaž Ogrin (Greens of Slovenia)

Matjaž Bidovec (Soviet Socialist Party)

Marko Koprivc (SD)

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Photograph: Ana Kovač

Since 2006, a competition has been disturbed

In the 2006 elections, Jankovic won 62.99% of the votes, his main opponent Arra of France received 20.85 per cent. In 2010, he received 64.79 percent of the vote, the second one Zofija Mazej Kukovič (SDS) with 13.50 per cent of the vote. In the other elections in 2012, Janković affected 57.53% of the vote Mojco Kucler Dolinar, who received 25.80 per cent of the vote.

In the two autumn elections in 2014, Jankovic won 57.53 percent of the vote, and the second was a candidate with SDS support Damjan Damjanovic, who received 23.15 per cent of the vote.

Although the vote is reduced, the total number of votes it receives is reduced. If he received a good 82,000 votes in 2006, in 2014, just 46,000 more.

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The Inspectors respond to 57 allegations that have been expressed as they are; fight




Will it be bigger than Hribar?

If you retire the post after its new impact, it will be blocked by its & # 39; Capital for 16 years, this is the largest in Ljubljana history. Story maker Ivan Hribar which led Ljubljana for 14 years.

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In Maribor, Kangler and Arsenovič move in the second round



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Popovich is hoping to win his first live # #

What were the results of previous elections:

2006 elections:

Applicant Percentage yield Number of votes Percentage place
Zoran Jankovic 62.99 82.251 58.88
Arhar Franc 20.85 27.225

2010 Elections:

Applicant Percentage yield Number of votes Percentage place
Zoran Jankovic 64.79 64.178 44.79
Zofija Mazej Kukovič 13.5 13.375

2014 elections:

Applicant Percentage yield Number of votes Percentage place
Zoran Jankovic 57.53 46.173 35.92
Damjan Damjanovic 23.15 18.576

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