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Ljubljana, November 19 – Two new mobile service packages have been developed in Telekom Slovenije, which are aimed specifically at private and business travelers who are really traveling, as they want the mobile phone to use the latest as well as latest communications services and to take advantage of many other benefits.

Platinum A and Platinum B packages also include the latest 1 euro cone, mobile phone or non-black card and other black Diners Club Exclusive Telekom Slovenije has many advantages such as free parking in the park, Brnik cars as well as 200 GB of data transfer and unlimited conversations. 100 Euros, help for tourists with overseas help, free access to over 800 aerial salons worldwide, buy food at home and abroad, and so on.

The Slovenian market includes Platinum A and Platinum B, which includes a monthly subscription:
– the mobile phone selected from the Telekom Slovenije offer with a single euro price (currently they are Huawei Mate 20 Pro, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy S9 +, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 etc.): Platinum Supporters can take advantage of every 24 month benefit, and customers who have a Platinum B package every 12 months,
– 200 GB of mobile phone data broadcasting, and up to 50.38 GB free of charge in the countries of attractive EU countries;
– LTE / 4G + internet speed up to 300/50 Mbit / s;
– Discussions and unlimited messages in Slovenia and in EU target countries,
– 120 minute speeches from Slovenia to the EU division;
– The Worldwide L service, with 2000 units of conversations and messages and 1024 MB of data distribution in a range of countries (USA, China, Switzerland, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and South Korea) for specialists;
– subscribe for SIM 2 folder;
– mobile phone or other mobile device (due to damages of non-prohibition, including communication with damage caused by third parties, discovered as a result of burglary, lethal or pocket, and invalid use of the device as a result of the previous disagreement);
– expanded warranty for Apple products between 12 and 24 months after purchase;
– black card Club Diners Exclusive Telekom Slovenije and
– the special benefits of Diners Club Exclusive black cart Telekom Slovenije, free parking in the Brnik car park in the amount of € 100, up to 10 parking days, tourist insurance at the Sava Insurance Company with help over overseas, free access to over 800 international salons worldwide, food purchases in Slovenia and abroad, 24 hour personal help, flexible end and detailed view and cost control.

The monthly subscription is on the Platinum package A EUR 131.14 without VAT or EUR 159.99 with VAT, duration & # 39; The Platinum B pack is EUR 159.83 with VAT and EUR 194.99 with VAT.

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