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Polona Hercog was close to feeling, but eventually lost

A Slovenian tennis player, Polon Hercog, played in the final of the final of the competition against Simona Halep, the third world's current player. The players seemed to have been really good at first, and then the Romanian had to confess strength after a tight match and three rows. Novak Đoković will play later.

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The 18-year-old is still very successful, and Federer had to give of his best

Polona Hercog against Simona Halep, she showed the best tennis, but at the end it was too short to win. The game ended in three sets of 5: 7, 7: 6 (1) and 6: 2 and lasted for two hours and 45 minutes.

Polona Hercog

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She was under the Romanian weight and won the first set

Polona Hercog is currently measured by the Romanian Simona Halep, one of the top tennis players at the time. Hercogova showed a good game in this fight.

In the third game of the first set, Poloni was defeated and gave 2-1. The benefit was maintained as a result of 4: 3, when the Romanian leadership of our players led to a return of the service and a 4 to 4 coverage. the actress let us out. On the face, in the eleventh game she played again well. Halepov took the service and took 6: 5. In the final game, Halep had a "break" ball, but Polona managed to defend her opponent. She used the second ball for the set and won 1: 0 in rows. The first set lasted 59 minutes.

Simona Halep asked for help in the first row.

Simona Halep asked for help in the first row.
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The second set decided on an extended game

At the beginning of their second set, the two players started strongly and showed individual movements. He was very tight in the seventh game of the second seat. Halepova had three “disruption” opportunities in this game, but Polona was always getting back. The fourth attempt was for the Romans to rule 5: 3. Polona the ninth game at 15:40. These benefits did not work, reduced the result by 5: 4 and stayed in the game for the second set. In the next game, Polona was even more confident when she got the game on her without a lost point. The second set was determined by the extended play, where Halepova showed more density and equality 1: 1 in a series of 7: 6 (1).

In the third set, Poloni had power

The third series began with Halepova's notes. A 27-year tennis player has been able to take the Hercogov service in the third game of the final row, and control 2: 1. In the next game, Polona immediately stopped, but ran a little for a while. to 2: 2. Instead, the result is: 3: 1 for Romania. In continuing the game, our players ran out of power, as was known in her game. In the seventh game Halepov sang another break and guided him from 5: 2 … This leadership did not remove litter and was worthy of identification.

Novak Djokovic

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Djokovic is waiting for Argentina

In the men's section of the competition, we will be able to follow Novak Djokovic again, his first player in the world. A Serbian star will cross the railings with the Argentine Frederic Delbonis. For the player, this is the first equal game, but it's probably Djokovic's favorite.



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