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Population of OLIMPIJO, MARIBOR, again at +10

Infantry football Olimpija and Rudar in the 25th round of the First League, Telekom Slovenije separated by a 3: 3 (2: 0). The game's hero is Ljubljančan, but Velenje's Milan Tučić teams put all three goals for the chips.

Because they played against the worst of the competition and had their second best attack, Ljubljana residents were promised three points against Rudar, who would have particular contact with the main Maribor. But, this time the guests took all the problems of Olympic defense to one side, and this kept useful opportunities for the competitors. Thus, the winners of Robert Pevnik can be delighted that the third game at the same time is unconscious, but at the same time, as the difference with Maribor has been raised to 10 points again.


Olimpija has quickly taken over. Now in the sixth minute Stefan Savić left from the front left of the door, where Rok Kidrič was faster than the Matej Radan and got 1: 0. Dha Kidric, this was the seventh goal for the season, and for Savic, a fifth was given.

The Velenje players could equally equal after 13 minutes, but Vitalij Maksimenko pointed up the wrong side of the goal. This would probably be a good opportunity for … Dominik Radić but he didn't get any chance for scoring, and Nejc Vidmar scored him.

Six minutes later, the most difficult punishment was also available at home. Savić ran into the penalty area, with the foot edge of the football already put back over Radan (and also at the door), and then the players struck football, and the referee showed the ball. Bojan Mertik on a white spot. Rok Kronaveter took the opportunity to goals 2: 0 and 11 the season.

Knapi even had hit Ljubljana defense in the first half of an hour, but usually they were inappropriate, with four times quicker. After 34 minutes, Milan Tučić replaced Radića, which gave the lead a good 34 minutes into the game. Ten minutes later she refused to give secret protection because she gave Robert Pušaver a great deal of time and a one-to-one game with Vidmar, which was won by the second.

Knapi was lively half-second, and in 49 minutes the gap was reduced. After a free kick from the left and Aljaz Krefla's step into the penalty area, Tučić 2: 1 from the vote "Kungfu". However, guests took out more after a visit and gave instructions about 3: 1 at the minute. Kidrič reached his eighth season when he pushed the ball from being near the net after burning Savic and the hand of Klemna Bolha.

st suljic

After the visit, the remainder were given protection to the homeowner, who was released immediately by the elected MS Sulejmanović. Tučić later struck in the 69th minute when it was forgotten and the member went through Radić's day. Olimpija's punishment Velingi sent again, 78 minutes in the game with around 15 meters, sent the ball to the right hand for a 3: 3 top and his ninth goal in the season. Eventually, there was one more chance at the Velenjci, with the reactions of David Hrubik to Vidmar.

Olimpija will be performing at Murska Sobota on Thursday Thursday in Thursday 26th, and Rudar will host Celje on the previous day.

Olimpija – Rudar 3: 3 (2: 0)

Ljubljana – Stads ŠRC Stožice. Chief judge: Bojan Mertik (Odranci).

Gamekeepers: t 1: 0 Kidrič (6), 2: 0 Kronaveter (19, punishment), 2: 1 Tučić (49), 3: 1 Kidrič (67), 3: 2 Tučić (69), 3: 3 Tučić (78).

Olimpija: Vidmar, Maksimenko (from 72. Mujčić), Bagnack, Jurčević, Boakye (from 84. Kregar), Brkić, Tomić, Kronaveter (56. Andrejašič), Suljić, Savić, Kidrić.

Rudar: Radan, Krefl, Bolha, Tomašević, Pušaver, Ćosić, Črnčič (from 71. Pišek), Trifković (from 89. Hrubik), Tučić, Radić (from 76. Kobiljar), Škoflek.

Yellow cards: Bagnack, Suljić; Ćosić, Radan, Tučić, Trifković.

Red cards: – t

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