Private data accounts for as much as 67% of hotels

Symantec's study revealed a difficult manifestation of the security situation in the hotel industry. An overview of online retention systems has shown that more than two-thirds of hotel companies routinely disclose personal or visitor information, due to inappropriate security devices, providing unauthorized drainage. very simple in data sources.

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The main difficulty in the e-mails received by the guest was confirmation of their retention. There is usually a web link to verify the registration, which is often unprotected. In most cases, people without authority can come up to name, surname, address, phone number, email address, passport numbers and even the last registration of the credit card.

Symantec has researched around 1,500 hotel systems in the USA, Canada and the EU, from hotels from two to five stars. Significant deficiencies were found in many European hotels, albeit that they should protect this information in accordance with GDPR provisions.

Designated guests often share guest information with other partners, and these areas are often often channeled through equal connections as mentioned above, which cannot be controlled. T We are very aware of whether there is access to personal information. Symantec refuses to give the name of a hotel or hotel chain, but has been told about deficiencies before publishing the results.

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