Raised men were dealing with firefighters and police officers

During the fire attack in Kranj, firefighters were caught by fires.

Kranj criminal investigators today said a fire in a multi-terraced building. He burned in an empty bed room. The fire was confined to the bedroom and did not spread it.

There was no damage to the fire, there was no harm to anyone. Officers were guilty that they were colliding outside the fire.

Due to the visitors that took place then in central Kranj, they had difficulties with the emergency service. "At the end, there were a lot of weird people who blocked the movement of people at the entrance to the old part of the town. Because of the safety of people, the emergency services were asked to -mach part of the public sector, where intervention has been made, and the removal of the vehicles. There is nothing to see from that, " The event was explained by the PU Kranj spokesman Bojan Kos.

At the end, the South American Territorial Fighters from GRS Kranj and PGD Primskovo, Britof and Kokrica. The fire was removed, the flat was removed, the rooms were checked with a thermionic camera and washing washed out of the room, Administration for Protection and Rescue reports.

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